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Derek Skaletsky
San Francisco, CA
That guy at Traackr. I pursuit of start-ups with Soul.
Interests: Growing businesses, Adventure travel, Photography, Boston sports
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Mar 15, 2010
Ahhh...great question Chris! No, Tim didn't sell 5x more books. I think the eBook was about 10% of sales. He was excited because what he did sell was considered "gravy" at the company. Extra sales. To which I ask -- looking into the future, as the sales mix becomes more heavily weighted to eBooks, the weighted average revenue will come closer and closer to the $4.99. Thus destroying wealth. Your point about the internet creating more exposure is well taken as well. Yes, this may surely become a by-product of this type of distribution. But doesn't the low barriers to consumer purchase, doesn't that drive down value for the creators? Great comments, Chris. Thanks...
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