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Happily married mother of three, hoping to get good at this blogging thing.
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Thank you for sharing this! We all need to be reminded to communicate clearly with our kids, no matter how old they are. So important.
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We're doing handmade gifts this year as well. We had family pictures made as a surprise, and since it's been five years I think that will be special. My daughter made personalized coasters out of scrap paper and markers. My oldest son recorded some praise and worship songs at church on cd's. (He leads worship for the youth on Wed. nights.) My youngest son painted pictures for everyone. We recently opened a shop for him at Cafepress, because he's doing awesome.
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I love all of those things, and we only use Burts Bees chapstick in our house. It's good stuff! Thanks!
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That is beautiful! When we lived in west Texas, we enjoyed snow like that. Now I'm a lot farther east (still in TX), and we might get a few flurries. Y'all enjoy it!
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I really like the Palermo MJ and the Saratoga II. Thanks for the giveaway!
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2008 on Dear Santa: My Knees Hurt at Rocks In My Dryer
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Chip, I love your blog. It was recommended to me by Google Reader, and I am now a happy subscriber. Thanks
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2008 on A Miscarriage of Justice at Chip MacGregor .com