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Bill Gemmell
Interests: Customer Experience, business change and alternative business models, Technology, Rugby Union, classic motorcycling, all types of music, social philanthropy
Recent Activity
Jane, Nice to see Dougal on the drive! Reminds me, I need to take out my daughter red Bay (Tonka) for a spin and get my sons 1968 bug on the road! Best Bill
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on Things that make me smile. at Snapdragon's garden
Hi Jane, My daughter's 1972 bus goes by the name Tonka. I tried to persuade her to use Kymmy given its reg (KYM 648K) but she insist on Tonka. Now my son has a 1968 bug, I await it's new chistening when restored!
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2011 on The naming of Dougal at Snapdragon's garden
Ed, A fantastic piece of art! Smacks of Charles Dickens and Christmas Carol! Bill
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Mar 15, 2010
Thank you, Innovation Jedi, for your feedback. As you say, in the future, printed matter will become a luxury we cant afford. I think I'll make the most of it at present!
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2009 on To Kindle or not to Kindle? at Bill's Blog
Karenne, Fortunately not! Bill
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on What Triiibes has done for me. at Bill's Blog