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For fourteen years, she had lived a monotonous, married life, with a man she refused to fuck unless she could picture, of all people, Mel. That was until he decided he didn't like her "type". "Sure he was drunk when he said it but isn't that when the truth really come out?", she thought as she drifted back to sleep. Minutes later she awoke with a start. "Dammit", she yelled, as she took a look at the clock on the side of her bed. She had twenty minutes to get ready for her date. She needed to shower, shave, get... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2010 at Polite Fictions
if it makes your son feel any better my daughter's friends both had a beta fish that recently died and these fish lasted less than a year. I love the drawing.
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As someone who has worked freelance for 20 years, every day is a potential workday for me, so Mondays are like Sundays in some ways. I'm actually having a good day so for once no complaints. FOR ONCE.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Let The Murky Mondays Begin!!! at Mommys Joy
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If I could be a third like luna, I'd be thrilled.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Brainy or Wise? at Unmitigated
I sooooo get where you are coming from. I would have been miserable. As far as the dessert thing, yeah, my kid eats the whole damn thing too.
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i am a huge shopper, correction, was. I love clothes and fully believe they can change how you feel about yourself. I miss those days, A LOT
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on The Opening Salvo at Unmitigated
You were fifteen minutes from me and I didn't get to see you? Big bummer. Hope you had a blast. Your Mamaw is right. It is what is right in front of us that is really most important. Remind I said this about 10 times a week would you?
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on The Zen Of My Sons On A Beach at CSquaredPlus3
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what he deserves is a mom with some insight into herself, a person willing to acknowledge her feelings and someone who loves him all year round no matter what and HE GOT THAT IN YOU! I've been there so many times I've lost count. You're human. Never forget that.
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my first thought was: You are freakin adorable and I love your shoes. Happy anniversary
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on Twenty Years at CSquaredPlus3
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I am that girl too. Come on too strong then back off b/c I fear I annoy the piss out of them. Come back, do okay, back off b/c I went too fast again....I get it. Boy do I
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the brown mary janes are adorable. I used to work at Anthroologie and I happen to have a good sense of style so there. Wear them. I would love to take you shopping. Bummed I'm not there.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2009 on Be honest... at CSquaredPlus3
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Takes. A lot more than someone giving me an incredible compliment to scare me :) Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
can't stand the new format. The only good thing is the stats page. Nice to see how many u have in a week and a month. Other than that, big big thumbs down.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on Tell us why you are switching back at Switching Back
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I went to my 10th and that was it. I was mean girled and there very few people that I wanted to see back then. Now that Facebook is around, I would love to see all the "good" ones I'm now in touch with. Glad you had a great time. Nothing beats great girlfriends, nothing
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on The Reunion at CSquaredPlus3
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mazel tov. God I miss running so much. I envy you, you have no idea. cue: tears running down my face ;(
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on The Jacket at CSquaredPlus3
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I'm so sorry to hear this. What a privilege to know someone like Mamaw and to have such an incredible relationship with her.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2009 on Unforgettable at CSquaredPlus3
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what a great idea. I think my kid would love this!
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My ex got one of those once. Ouch! God, I hate when that happens and next time tell the garage door to move out of the way. Perhaps it didn't hear you were in a hurry
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on I'm an Excellent Driver at CSquaredPlus3
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I have to say I agree with you. The L.A. zoo is horrible. It is not natural in any way and yes, they seem very bored and stir crazy and it breaks my heart
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Jul 6, 2009
good to know if my sitter cancels on me I have a back up that will also sell me a dresser I can build at home, all at the same time. Who'd a thought?
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a girls night in for me is "game night" and dinner beforehand. I'm pretty competitive as are my friends and I love to laugh and well, throw in food and yahoo!!!!
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