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I am the well-trained caretaker of a very silly Golden Retriever.
Interests: Stuff. I like stuff. Okay, I'll be more specific... I like to make stuff, learn stuff, figure out stuff, get into stuff, see new stuff and so on. If you're reading here, then you probably already know that I like to make quilts. I'm Carrie, the two-legged part of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. Rosie is my silly, sweet sewing buddy.
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LOL I'm obsessed with little stacks! Folks used to laugh at me when I'd bring my pre-cut fabrics to a class in neat little stacks. Seriously! I'm doing three blocks at a time - sewing all the "parts" and then assembling the blocks. I have eight done and two more "in progress". Does that mean I'm winning? Must sew faster... must sew faster... By the way, just so you know, I love your quilt. I would copy it in a heartbeat. P.S. I sent a box of silliness to you yesterday. Sorry about the lack of wrapping paper but bubble wrap was more important. You'll understand when you see it. :) Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!!
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Perfection! As always, your new creations are delectably gorgeous. I want the patterns... I want the fabric... okay, I want the quilts. But I'll settle for the patterns and fabric. Congratulations - this qualifies as D O N E. Good job!
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ROFL!!! I didn't think it was possible! A cookie recipe that sounds truly awful. Yuck! Then again... I once thought that about Carrot Cake and Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Gives a girl pause... As for the sweatshirt... you ROCK! Thank you for making me feel much, much better about some of my recent - current! - sartorial choices. (I'm still in my pajamas.) Have a great week with Mom and that house full of gorgeous boys. :)
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You've done all that AND decorated the tree... I. Am. So. Depressed. ;) I'm going to "ditto" everybody else - your boys are SO cute! Handsome! Nah... while they are, they're also just so so stinkin' cute. They take after Jarom. :::snort::: I love Happy Go Lucky and I can't wait to see the quilts. Including the DS Quilts one.
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Aug 15, 2012
That's what I'm doing wrong! I need some boys around to sew for me... though I'm not sure what difference it would make since you're not getting any sleep and you've got 'em! Good night! (Sleep fast.)
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There's no "maybe" about it ~ the Roskelley house is gorgeous! Congratulations and great job to you and Jarom, and I hope you are as happy in your new house as you were in the "old house". :) Have fun with the sewing room... it's less than six weeks to Market.
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WAY better... though I'm with some of the others who think you should have kept the navy ceiling. (Not.) I think you're going to love the change from wall-to-wall carpeting to hardwood floors. Great job! And you can sleep in July. :)
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