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We now average 7.2 hours a week—almost a full work day—on e-mail. Would you like to decrease the time you spend on e-mail and improve the quality? You could, if everyone followed these five golden rules. Just think what you... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2010 at Writing Matters
Sentence Openers sounds intriguing. Great title! And it looks like a unique approach to writing. Would you like to send us a review copy? Good luck with the book!
David, You are right. This e-mail conveys a powerful message! Not only has the offensive accountant missed the memo about it not being 1956, he also missed the memos and our posts about writing professional e-mail. Just when we think our job is done, along comes someone like this accountant to prove that we will always have work! I don't know the politics of the office where Chris works. But as you know, often it's the whistleblower who is fired. So Chris took the time-honored route of leaking the e-mail to the press.
Poor President Obama. Besieged from the right and the left on Afghanistan, Iran, the economy, not to mention the oil disaster in the Gulf. He's accused of being too cerebral (No drama Obama) and of being too belligerent ("know whose... Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2010 at Writing Matters
I agree with you about how cool the Mac is. And I know what you mean by wearing black when you use it. It is so sleek and beautifully designed that I feel a compulsion to clean my office so that it is as uncluttered as the Mac. (But I manage to resist the compulsion to clean!)
Perhaps Apple will upgrade the application so that you could choose to have Alec Baldwin--not Alex-- read your prose, or better yet, James Earl Jones. But the upside of Alex's boring drone is that it forces you to focus on the mechanics and not be seduced by the melody of your writing. I admit, I had to go to Wikipedia to find out about Vogons--fictional alien race in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-- and, according to Wikipedia, writers of "the third worst poetry in the universe." I'm now curious about the first and second worst writers of poetry. Stiff competition for Alex! --Marilynne
I am glad to hear from a long-time, satisfied BlueHost customer who confirms my positive first impressions. It is good to know that as the company grew, it was still able to maintain--even improve--its customer service. I'm hoping to become a long-time satisfied customer, too.
Thanks. And that reminds me to take WriteRoom and Q10 out for a spin!
Many thanks to Douglas Baumwall for contributing this comprehensive e-mail checklist: 32 most important email etiquette tips
Thanks for the reminder that email was the first social media tool, and it's not an either/or question.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on Is E-Mail Dead? Not So Fast! at Writing Matters
I was having trouble with the edit commands. Some didn't work (copy, cut) and then the edit tool bar did not work.
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