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The title for this episode may as well have been "Scarlett Is A Special Snowflake". Yeesh.
I loved Juliette's line to Scarlett that this wasn't Dairy Queen and she couldn't just switch her shift when she asked for the night off(!). And immediately following it with that she understood mommy issues better than anyone, but she still needed to get out there and give a good show instead of running away. I'd die if this all ended up with Scarlett smashing a bottle of pills against the wall, then taking a train back to Lawrenceville as Dionne Warwick sings the "Theme from Valley of the Dolls" over and over. That or her drunkenly screaming "SCARLETT O'CONNOR!!!111!!!" in the alley outside the Grand Ole Opry.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2014 on Brief Musings on Nashville: Crazy at Serial Drama
I totally agree with did look a lot more like Rayna was a middle management exec on her way to show a PowerPoint presentation at the conference room at the Ramada than a country star in a blockbuster video!
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2014 on Nashville: Too Far Gone at Serial Drama
"IBUILTTHEYOUNGANDTHERESTLESSFROMTHEGROUNDUPWITHMYOWNTWOHANDSYOUGOTTHAT?!?!?" I just hope that it doesn't wind up that in some out of left field plot twist, Victor decided to leave Newman Enterprises in the hands of Amber.