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Hi John, sounds like you are talking about a different product (not PhotoShow, it's not available at Costco). Very sorry to hear the Roxio product didn't meet your needs. If you haven't tried our support pages I encourage you to do so.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on Adding music to PhotoShows at Roxio PhotoShow News
Sorry that you have not received a reply from Tech support, John. The new music and bubbles will be available soon in the desktop version. Basic Photo Editing is also coming soon.
Not yet, but they will be soon. We will have an update to PhotoShow 6 shortly.
Thanks John! We appreciate the support. Of course, we are never satisfied and are working hard to keep making it better and easier all the time. Feedback welcome!
Linda, we had a problem with Shutterfly import a few weeks back, but this was fixed around the time of your post. Lewis, PhotoShow 6 will check for updates, but you can manually check by selecting "Check for Updates" from the help menu. You can also get the latest PhotoShow 6 or the legacy PhotoShow 5 from your account page online.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2009 on Adding music to PhotoShows at Roxio PhotoShow News
David, there is no limit on size, just on number of photos & videos (400). Paula, I don't quite understand the issue you're describing, it almost sounds like you're using a High DPI or Easy Access setting in Windows to enlarge the screen. Have you checked those control panels? A quick guide to adding Music to PhotoShows can be found here:
Hi Brenda. The version of PhotoShow included with Creator should be auto-updated soon, but you can get the latest version 6 from your account page and install it at any time.
In regards to the question about setting durations: Yes, PhotoShow 6 allows you to see specific durations for each photo.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Adding music to PhotoShows at Roxio PhotoShow News
In regards to the question about iPod music, iTunes downloads and rips music in AAC format, which is not supported at this time. You can get MP3s at Amazon or eMusic, or you can change the settings in iTunes to rip music from you own CDs in MP3 format. In regards to the question about more than one PhotoShow on a DVD: No, sorry that is not possible at this time. (But it is on our wish list, too!) In regards to the comments about PhotoShow 5, we know that long time PhotoShow users are more comfortable with this application. We have added many of those features into PhotoShow 6 and continue to make improvements. For example, PhotoShow 5 never allowed you to share shows with MP3 files online, but PhotoShow 6 does.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Adding music to PhotoShows at Roxio PhotoShow News
Esther, of course you can use with the Mac in any Mac-supported browser. As far as a PhotoShow 6 application for the Mac, this is a possibility but I can't comment on future products.
Linda, I'm sorry you're having trouble with version 6. Have you submitted a support ticket or called support to get help?
James and Jean-Luc, yes you can send PhotoShows with MP3 music via email (it actually posts the show to your member page then sends the email to your recipients with a link to the show). Charles, not sure I quite understand your question, but if you are using PhotoShow 5 today, that still works with If you are already a premium subscriber you can download PhotoShow 6 on your account page. Dan, Windows Media Player defaults to ripping music as "wma" (Windows Media Audio). You'll need to change the settings to rip music as "mp3" in the options. Then you will be able to import it into PhotoShow. Ritabe, I'm sorry but I don't understand the problem you are having. If you are trying to publish shows to an external web site, you can use the "Post" option under the PhotoShow to copy the Flash code and paste it into your blog or website. If you need more help I recommend submitting a support ticket so that someone can answer your questions.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2009 on Adding music to PhotoShows at Roxio PhotoShow News
You can get the latest version 5 on your account page, however, there have been no updates to that version in at least 6 months.
Hi Dave. You can download the latest version of PhotoShow 6 on your account page. It has support for multiple MP3 files and library tracks. We don't have support for controlling individual transitions at this time, but if you select the style that has the transitions you want, you can change the intro title to the particular graphics you want.
At the moment the list does not have a delete feature, but we will be adding more Address Book features.
If you have downloaded songs from the iTunes store, they are in AAC format which we do not support yet. If you are ripping songs from CDs in iTunes, choose MP3 as the format in the iTunes settings in order to be able to use them in PhotoShow.
Hi Dave, did you see the latest blog post? You can now add multiple MP3s online. Desktop coming shortly. I cannot comment yet on transitions or durations.
If you purchase now you can use these features immediately on The PhotoShow 6 desktop application (the upgrade from the trial version) will be updated with these features in about a week. Once we update PhotoShow 6 you will be able to burn a DVD and play it on TV. Or, you can order a DVD online and it comes with a custom jacket cover and disc label - makes it easy to ship it as a gift.
Hi Dave, I'm assuming you got my separate email to you. Regarding timing, I can't commit to a specific date but I promise to add this to the short term list for the team to work on.
The current limit is 10 seconds. Can you describe the example where you would want more than 10 seconds?
Actively being developed right now. We're really excited to be able to release this, but it's a lot of work. We're expecting 3rd week of August.
We will be sure to add that to the list.
The best place for questions like this is usually the forums (click the link at the bottom of any page), where lots of users post questions and answers. You can put 400 photos in a show and yes, burn it to DVD. If you are having problems uploading or have a technical support question, our team can help. The support page is:
On the Styles tab, there is a control called "Speed." Instead of Automatic, select "Per Photo" then use the controls in the preview area to set the duration for each photo.
Photo slide duration is available now both on and in PhotoShow 6. Multiple music is coming soon. For Privacy settings and Adding to Channels, go to the page where you can view the show (the watch page). There, you can add any show to a Channel by clicking the "Add to Channel" link on the bottom right of any page where you can watch the show. Click the "Privacy Settings" to change the settings for that show.