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Bo Lorentzen
Photographer living in Los Angeles California, born in Denmark, a glider pilot and motorbike rider, I have been involved in electronic media since around 1986 when I started working in TV in Denmark and Norway.
Interests: Photography, Sailplanes, motorcycles, traveling, Asia, Africa,
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Hey Achim, unfortunately we have not been making these the last maybe 5 years, Bo
I don't have these any more - since a very long time :-) Just look up the proper mm length for a 5.8 ghz whip antenna online
Joseph - lay off the PowerEye at this time - they have not updated anything since the day it first shipped - the company is focusing on stuff that sails on water.
Good Morning Vincent, just rename it to dot txt :-)
Hey Konrad, CityStreets and car-parks are no problem. but if you get into narrow spaces at albertsons groceries, then you are going to have some problem stitches. that said. I have shot a series of restaurant jobs without problems, just tried to not get smack on top of tables and chair backs in the frame kinda. Hope this helps. Bo
Hey Doug, unfortunately I never had a file for that, PowerVision had me send everything back right after I did the review, shoot a email to PowerVision for the full document.
Hey Richard, At CES 2018, AUTEL spend considerable time telling Frank and me about the 1" sensor version of the EVO which they said would ship later this year. based on this we believed that there would be a 1" unit. later AUTEL have been firm in denying the rumors of a 1" unit. (they call it rumors, however this was started directly by AUTEL :-) ) SOoooooo not sure how to really reply, however taking the greater perspective, its fairly sure that DJI will be releasing a 1" MavicPro2 shortly, so its kinda hard to believe AUTEL is not nurturing a 1" unit like they said at CES. (this was coming form higher ranking Autel staff, so I tend to think there is one somewhere. when they chose to release it is another question) Bo
Hey Adil, no you can't honestly stay away from this bird, its "follow me" function is crap. I would love this bird if it had a proper RC radio for control. but the GPS in the watch is not good enough to get safe follow me.
The new EVOLVE video drone from XDynamics is a interesting new product, XDynamics is have stepped away from the race to the bottom that currently drives the drone market, and instead they have aimed to product a higher end product, think leica vs panasonic profiling, they have produced a immaculately... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2018 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
Hey Raghu, I don't think there are a practical benefit in flying with a USB power pack, maybe instead buy a couple more proper batteries ? Bo
Hey Robert, Frank is printing some of those, shoot him a email to [email protected] he should be able to set you up.
AUTEL is BACK - The much anticipated EVO, announced at CES 2018 are finally shipping. The EVO is promoted with claims to have best in class camera (more on that later), but also with great new features for this category of drones, such as a build-in display on the controller,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2018 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
Hey Guys, sorry for the delay - here is the ZIP file for the DNG file I was looking at. Please download and Post in the comments what you learn from it, also feel free to post questions, I will be reshooting this test and include the MavicPro / P4pro... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2018 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
Hey Gregory, I returned the PowerEye to PowerVision a while back, so can't check, but 99% sure there is a firmware check / upgrade option on the tablet under the aircraft settings. Also give PowerEye a call, they can definitely explain the correct procedure. Bo
The 02 is finally shipping and available for around $720 on the internet. The GDU 02 is a radically different design than the first GDU product, but it maintains GDU's tradition for doing things a bit different, while delivering a fairly respectable compact 4K video drone that packs up nicely... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2018 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
Kyle, read the manual :-) flip back the fmod then follow the instructions to DISARM the quad ;-)
Hey Collin, Sorry for the slow reply, really good questions. First of all, over time it became clear that every single H500 needed to be taped to compensate for arm-flex. and we did do some manual edits to the firmware which made the aircraft much more predictable. That said, a fixed TALI was surprisingly capable when it was released, today its frankly a 3-4 year old aircraft and I would suggest looking at a P3 for video rather than a Tali. Bo
A bit of a backgrounder on my Panono camera review and why I would be writing about this camera in the first place. Aside from being a part107 commercial drone pilot, I have been shooting panoramas and spherical panoramas since the nineties, for commercial entries like car companies and hotel... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2018 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
With the Voyager5 Walkera have created a modern platform, with IP43 weather rating, dual IMU, GPS and Compass for reliable operation, optical-flow to steady the aircraft during take-off and landings, and when flying in environments with poor or no GPS signal, and a number of attractive payload options. Including Thermal... Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2018 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
Hey Dhruvil, Not sure how they are doing this, maybe shoot a email to them at their website at :-) Bo
Hey David, Yes and no... With a iPhone or iPad tablet, since the connection to the handset is WiFi hotspot based. You can use apples lightning to HDMI out adapter and double tap on the screen to hide the control interface. double tap again to show the control interface. Same thing with a Android tablet with a HDMI out port.
Hey Richard, Great questions. 1. yes its a full on dual operator quad. you bind the second radio to the first and it controls the gimbal yaw-pitch. and the camera operator see the gimbal cam, the pilot can chose which one to see. 2. its 180deg rotation to each side from front center. less than the inspire, and it dont do the "flip" for the never ending rotation trick.
The PowerEYE is a m43 camera quad I have been waiting for in a big way. since InterDrone 2016, and I want to say its the first production aerial platform with a m43 camera outside of DJI products. but its not entirely so.... More on that later. Back to the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2017 at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews
Hey Philip, unfortunately not, I got tired of wasting my time cutting and mailing them only to have morons tell me the template did not work and ask for a refund on PayPal. just dont have time for this. :-)
Hey Roger, Im not planning on selling those, they are fairly simply to mimic though.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2017 on MAVIC cam-shootout at FPVguy - Trusted Drone Reviews