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Cynthia Pace
I am a mom, a photographer and wife, with little room for more:)
Interests: reading, walking, eating, being outdoors
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Mar 15, 2010
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Aug 17, 2009
The winners are: Aiken, Charleston, Greenville and Florence. See you in 2010!
Oooh! I would love some serious criticism. I could show you what I really want to do with the images. It could be an artsy show of cool stuff I envision for images I love but no one ordered! Do you know how often this happens! Nikki- you are one of the few that let's me run with the images. I LOVE your beach images!!! Gotta ad food!lol
I love this idea Melody! Does anyone know of a vendor that might be interested in being a part of this? This idea could be a theme for one night. We could gear everything toward babies. Food...the food choice is great! I AM ALL ABOUT SOME GOOD FOOD! lol How about some other themes too? Let's put our heads together girls!
Yeah! We have a winner!