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I did. I took the plunge. Tied the knot. Got hitched. I am married. Everyone asks "how does it feel?", "does it feel different?", "are you happy?" Well after two weeks and two days of wedded bliss my answer is... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2010 at LA Moms Blog
Well, I'll be right behind you with the book of "violent" drawings. And I'm anti guns, anti-violence, war but I've realized boys are boys and the more of a stink I make about it the more intriguing it becomes to him. And my son got sent to the principal's office for saying to a kid on the playground "it's retarded" and he was so afraid to tell me what he said partially because he didn't really know why it might be wrong! To him it was no different than saying "you're so stupid"... granted not nice but not at all intended to mean what the playground monitor interpreted it as. When I found out what it was I was relieved! And explained to him why some monitor on the playground may have thought it was inappropriate. When I did explain it to him, he totally got it because he's a sensative, sweet boy. All good points...
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3 weeks is a LONG time! for me it's less of an issue because my son goes back and forth between his Dad and I but the re-entry is brutal for my son!!!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on That Third Week at LA Moms Blog
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As a single Mom for almost all of the 7 years of my son's life I felt the pangs of all of these bullet points - it makes you stronger but some of the &%$# I've gone through over custody issues, people's judgments, etc have been some of the hardest experiences of my life... but I wouldn't trade having him for anything!
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I am so touched by this and so connect with the sentiment. I lost my mom almost 20 years ago and it is a bittersweet day. Mother's matter a lot and being a Mother is amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2009 on Mother's Day Matters at Silicon Valley Moms Blog
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Congratulations Beth...Perfect Timing...New Year, New President, New Site...all changes for the better Best Jeannine
Definitely interested
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I would love a new printer...would use it for me and work... not sure if this is the only way to enter as I keep clicking the link and coming back to this thanks
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