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Susan Copperman
New York City
Interests: Leadership, Management, Inspiring Ideas
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Hi Ruth, Thanks for letting us know that you a loyal reader of our blog. Your ideas, comments, and feedback are always welcome! Susan
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Lou's proposal about how to fix this mess is the following: * Abolish 15,000 independent school boards which exist today, and replace them with 70 (representing 50 states and 20 largest cities) * Define a set of national standards regarding what kids should learn in school * There should be a National Skills Day held each June at which time 4th, 8th, and 12th graders will be tested each June * Teachers should make at least $100K/yr * Put a "Skills" Czar in the White House to address 1) public school education, 2) jobs training, 3) immigration which are all vital to economic sustenance What do you think?
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Thanks to all for your comments. I would like to hear what you have to say about this recent post:
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Hi Phil, I am so excited to read your comment because I have (just yesterday) posted about T5 @ JFK. Rick Blatstein, CEO of OTG Management, the company running the dining concessions at T5 will be a featured presenter at our event, World Innovation Forum (WIF), taking place May 5 & 6, 2009 in NYC. You can fly JetBlue into and out of T5 and attend our event! I think your title "From Concept to Consumer" is particularly interesting. It was because of the way in which Rick created and pitched his concept that I thought he was an ideal presenter for WIF. Please check out my post at , and let me know what you think! Thanks
Just this morning, I was feverishly typing away on my blackberry writing what was going to a FABULOUS ("in the eye of the beholder") commentary contrasting one party's convention to the other. In all my zeal, however, I accidentally deleted it. I was overcome with an overwhelming sick feeling. When I got over that however, I decided I would reconstruct the post, but the day got away from me. Only now, am I able to stop and think about posting ---- only guess what? ---- my "would-have-been" post hit its expiration date at about 9:01 AM. I believe that posts have to be in and of the moment. They very quickly lose their relevance. Who, at 5:40 PM on Friday, would care about my thoughts regarding which convention felt like a "members only" party?
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Yes, we definitely intend to have posts from people at our events. By "people", do you mean speakers or attendees? But "people", whether they are "notables" or not, blog all the time. In fact, many people have their own blogs so while we value everyone's contributions immensely, that alone cannot insure that a blog does not become commoditized. So come on, Tom, don't hold back - tell us how you really feel....what are your ideas about how we avoid being just "another blog"?
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George, with all due respect, I disagree!!! One can never have too much ego....when all else fails, what can you count on except your "True North" moral compass which is driven and guided by your ego. Again, going back to what Jack says, ego is NOT the problem. The problem is when we don't properly nourish and balance our egos, like our bodies, they become "unwell" and hence, no longer function in a "healthy" manner!
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