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Linsey Levine
Westchester NY
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Mar 15, 2010
can't find where to edit typelists in new design
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Billie, So eloquently said! Congratulations for articulating this concept so well. William Bridges writes a lot about managing transitions and says a transition is an internal, three phase, psychological reorientation that people go through in coming to terms with change: 1. Ending (every new situation starts with an ending or a loss, and only after people let go of the old can they start the new 2. Neutral zone (the time between trapezes, when old is gone, but new has not been established) 3. New beginning (new identity, new direction, new sense of purpose or vision takes over. It is critical for everyone to understand the realities of the process, and move through them at their own pace.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Endings at Career Hub
You are so right! Here's another example: I just received a blind letter from someone I don't know with his resume attached asking for my help in leaving the apparel industry after 15 years. His note states he's "out of work" and considering new industries - could he "pick my brain" about possibilities for someone with his background in alternative fields...and then goes on to explain everything he's done in the apparel industry. If he's not taking the time to think about transferable skills and how they might fit anywhere else, why should I? At all my ExecuNet Networking meetings, we stress relationship building, gaining trust, giving first, making a connection before asking for something, and consideration.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2009 on Networking Hall of Shame at Career Hub