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great re-cap Ellen! The fidgeting of Kristen Stewart - totally! And glad to know I was not the only one thinking aquanet was apparently missing from the hairdressers tools this year!
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Love the post! Agree with you – love Sandra’s dress and her hair, although the lipstick I could do without. Kate Winslet. Simply perfect. Queen Latifah looked amazing and so did Mo’Nique – esp. her hair and makeup. Jennifer Lopez kinda looked like she had an extra person hiding behind her under her gown. Who told her that was ok? And Molly – Loved the color, but that dress was confusing to me as well. I also was confused as why SJP and some other stars appeared to be lacking hairspray. There is the messy look, and then there is the “appeared to have rubbed head against a balloon” look, which is clearly not ok for the Oscars.
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Aug 25, 2009