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Kevin J. Kelley
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Burlington Police Chief Mike Schirling said on Thursday he has apologized to two Burlington residents who had complained about BPD officers telling them early last Saturday that "Church Street is shutting down" and ordering them to leave the Marketplace. Craig Mitchell and Dennis Ailor (pictured) — the two men confronted... Continue reading
The first installment in this series suggested that the settlement south of the mouth of the Winooski River came to be called "Burlington" because of a clerical error. This week, we're tracing the origins of that river's name. And this etymological investigation appears to lead to a marketing ploy by... Continue reading
Names tell more about those who give them than about those who get them. That’s as true for places as for people. So who or what is behind some of the names that Burlington-area residents encounter nearly every day? Why was a town, a street, an institution or a natural... Continue reading
Nicco Mele was 25 years old when he helped revolutionize the way American presidential campaigns are conducted. Looking back at his breakthrough work as webmaster of Howard Dean's 2003-04 race for the White House, Mele sees the internet as having... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2012 at Blurt: The Seven Days Staff Blog