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Graham, Nigel Thanks for your comments, there are various aspects where I agree with you. The question was actually one that we were asked very recently (word for word) which prompted my post. I think you're right in the sense that this isn't the right, or rather, the only question that should be asked when trying to work out how to produce 'successful innovations'. I don't think that all the focus should stay on the individual but I also don't think that the focus should shift towards the process and environment either (which as you mentioned, are both also extremely important). It's a balance between all of these things which makes things work out. For example, I don't think success will result from the perfect group of people following a bad process or the wrong group of people trying to follow a good process in an un-fit environment. It's this delicate balance that makes 'innovation' a difficult thing to do well.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on What makes a good innovator? at NESTA Connect