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My guess is that sanding the outside is optional if the can is painted. Many cans these days have a plastic coating that holds the image. Sanding would take off the burnable surface layer if any.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2011 on Soda Can Popcorn at We've Moved!
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Is which part true? * That Cyber-Monday is now the busiest shopping day of the year? The numbers aren't out yet for 2009 but it outpaced Black Friday in 2008 according to several retail trade organizations and they expect it to do the same this year. * That certain types of cyberscams spike this time of year as well? Yes, according to the FBI and US-CERT. * The safe shopping tips? They're all pretty tried and true. * That debit cards carry less protection than credit cards? That's absolutely true and something you should talk to your bank about as soon as possible. * That the Facebook scandal was just bad marketing, not a scam? Yup, that's confirmed as well.
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The comment above is absolutely right about the need to protect not only electronic information but also the physical copies of our customers' confidential information. The Federal Trade Commission has gone so far as to make shredding a de facto requirement for many kinds of documents. (They don't explicitly require shredding but the alternatives like burning have some real safety hazards - shredding is pretty clearly the most cost-effective way to comply with their reg.) Other tips we've already published on this topic include: Home Shredders, Shredding is a Federal requirement and CVS sued over improperly destroyed records. You can find them in the archives of the blog.
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The image at the bottom of the article worked perfectly when I sent it out in an email newsletter. Unfortunately, when I archived it into this blog, the site's software doesn't seem to handle the image mapping properly and the widget I used to make the phish's links appear to work is failing. Until I can figure out how to get it fixed, please ignore some of the wording above. But remember that floating your mouse over a link is a good way to tell where it's really pointing.
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