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Monty Kalsi
Monty Kalsi is the President/CEO of cumulusIQ, which he co-founded in 2008.
Interests: personal development, new ventures, management training, knowledge-as-a-service, kaas, knowledge-marketplace
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Vinnie, Congratulations on the release of the book. My Amazon order arrived last week and I am looking forward to the read. Cheers, Monty
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks Jon appreciate the feedback. I spoke to Chris Kanaracus in the morning briefly (2-3 minutes) as I was getting ready for some customer calls. He said he was working on a story but I didn't know he was going to do a Press Release later in the day. I was also not aware that he had spoken to you about cumulusIQ. Anyways I should have taken the time to explain our value-prop. Certainly as you are keenly aware KaaS is fundamentally different from pure "remote help" as Chris's Press Release eludes. I was just trying to clarify that point. I also think that innovation around Cloud and Cloud based services are fundamentally altering the "status-quo". Look at, they fundamentally altered the consumption model for software by focusing on the front-line sales people instead of their managers. The adoption grew organically without the need for heavy "org chg mgmt" strategies. It is true recession and economic downturn accelerate the adoption of new innovations as people are more open to experiment. However to say that Cloud exist because we are in a recession would be a misnomer and maybe taken in a negative context. That was my point not that you were negative. Sorry if it came across differently. I will do another post to clarify this. Thanks again for your support and as always please feel free to ping me anytime you have questions. Best Regards, Monty
Thanks Chris. I believe we are talking about two different things here. As you know legacy applications like SAP were not designed to be multi-tenant or SaaS, to run on a Cloud. Any approach to run ECC on Amazon Cloud doesn't make it true SaaS or Cloud application. The architecture of Cloud based applications is inherently very different than On-Premise software and the reason clients don't want the production systems in Cloud as it not true SaaS etc.. Now what cumulusIQ is pioneering is commercialization of Knowledge-as-a-Service (Kaas). KaaS combines SaaS and Crowd-sourcing to deliver JIT knowledge. cumulusIQ KaaS Marketplace is a SaaS application today delivering SAP services through the Cloud and we look to deliver many more services through the cloud over time. Here is a link to Forrester Blog that defines different terminologies around Cloud and Cloud based services.
Laurent - Good point. Although I am not sure when the "technological singularity" that Ray mentions will be realized by mankind. However if we look at the last 20-30 years of human history, we see an explosion of computational processing power and the resulting information avalanche. To me this necessitate the need for a "just-in-time" knowledge acquisition systems similar to what we pioneered in the manufacturing sector for supply chain of materials. As it would simply not be possible for us to keep up with the pace of information change. At cumulusIQ we are pioneering the commercialization of a "human powered" knowledge-as-a-service model, that allows organizations to get on-demand access to knowledge and deal with the effects of what we call "The Knowledge Singularity". Ps: If you are interested, here is the link to our White Paper on KaaS: