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Interests: Baseball, movies, fashion, books, basketball, volleyball.
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I haven't watched Lilyhammer yet, but outside of Arrested Development, none of the announced or existing Netflix-produced titles really appeal to me. If they can make great original content, I'm all for it. Seems like getting someone from HBO would be a good start.
haha, according to InstantWatcher, Boss is expiring on February 24. Better hurry up if you haven't watched it! I loved it - doesn't hurt that I live and work in Chicago. Personally, I'm going to miss Starz. Sure, their quality wasn't the greatest, but at least they had some newer stuff. I'm kind of hoping they take the initiative and start their own streaming service. If they keep making shows like Boss and Spartacus while keeping newer movie content on there, I'd subscribe. Well, at a reasonable rate.
No way. Netflix knows its viewers love to plow through multiple episodes in one day, so releasing an entire run of a show is a great way for Netflix to go about this. This show doesn't look all that great to me so I will probably skip it entirely, but I like the idea of Netflix doing shows and releasing it all at once.
Amazon should just try adding a queue to Prime.
Looks like it's under $170 right now, down about 18.5% today. Ouch.
I cancelled the disc plan I had and am giving Blockbuster a chance. I'm more into new releases at this point, so I'm not too concerned. I also live a short bike ride away from a Blockbuster, so the unlimited in-store exchange is enticing.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thank you for making these jackets! It's awesome that you are connected to such an iconic film. I've come pretty close to putting in an order for the Mayhem jacket, actually. One of these days, I'm sure I will!
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on How to Buy a Fight Club Jacket (Part 2) at Tsuyoi
HBO needs to get back to making great shows instead of trying stuff like this.
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