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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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Thank you. I sure hope we get a wedding! It’s in 2022 right now. Sent from my iPhone
I would get your aunt to say she needs a companion to help her. My friend’s daughter got married at Donner Lake since her Tahoe place got canceled. I was uninvited with Covid. Sad. Sent from my iPhone
I'm the sparkly, princess, ballgown sort. Well, not anymore, but when I was young and getting married. My dress was typical '80's glam and I still love it. But now, my baby girl is getting married and wow, times have... Continue reading
I hear you. The church does not feel comfortable if you don't speak in a sweet, southern accent and call everyone darlin'. Now I'm being snarky, but I wish we looked to the Bible for definitions instead of church culture about what is acceptable.
I grew up in the shadow of Stanford. Before Silicon Valley was Silicon Valley, but it's always been an intellectual haven. I'm used to being the dumbest person in the room with emotional intelligence. It was my superpower. If this... Continue reading
Yes, Jonah and I both laughed out loud a few times. Oh maybe I should up my spy skills. That might make for an interesting book.
I suppose being a novelist would be considered a touchy-feely job, but that is not my personality. Even though I'm an INFP, I have a harder edge because I want people to do the right thing -- even when no one is looking and I will call them out for it.
My son was here this week so we watched "Hubie Halloween" which is a new Adam Sandler movie on Netflix. It's a throwback to all of his other movies and I for one, loved it. I am not above stupid... Continue reading
Thanks Jel, you're always such an encourager!
Oh that makes me so happy! Thanks for reading it. When I'm in the middle of book two that means a lot. My son and his little family. I love them. : )
It's been a long time since I blogged -- not that I ever had much to say, but it's time to let you all know that I am still alive and that I do still exist. I have a new... Continue reading
I miss California immensely. I miss the redwoods and the rolling hills. That's my nature, but I'm so happy to be here where you can find someone to do the work and they're honest and forthright. In Silicon Valley, it got too expensive for a middle class and it just became an awful place to live. I do hope Covid has taught us maybe money isn't everything, you know? (I'm fourth generation Californian and I hate what's happened to my state, but it wasn't Californians that made it that way, it was selling out to the almighty dollar. Ugh. Greed is so gross. I get so angry about the Christian radio stuff too. It shouldn't be a cover for a rip-off artists. That's great your husband does that. My dad did computer rooms in HVAC, but we didn't live in a place that really needed AC. SoCal gets a lot warmer. I hope California comes back to you instead of you having to leave it. : )
I get a lot of messages this. Stay well and rest up!! Sent from my iPhone
I've been without air conditioning since last Wednesday -- in Phoenix! I waited on an American Home Shield Warranty -- only to find out they would cover a part that might last until the next implosion, but I would still... Continue reading
Oh that’s terrible. I’ve never had one in my house. Thank goodness. I would freak if one was in a cup. I thought they couldn’t climb! Sent from my iPhone
I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I have a soft spot for Mary. I may have to give her a book of her own. On carpet, I agree with you. I love living on it and I thought the same of my dog, but then, I got a black light to walk at night (for the scorpions) and I learned the ugly truth by the door! The new floor comes in on Monday and I ended up getting tile that looks like wood. Apparently, the engineered wood doesn't hold up as well here in the desert so I went with tile with that look. I'll post before/after pics.
It has come to my attention that a friend who left her sociopath husband has been judged by other Christian women for her decision. May I just say that if you don't live in a home, you have NO idea... Continue reading
Oh that sounds like a beautiful color! I'm going to look today for a color. Tile is slippery when it rains. If it was just me, I'd get new carpet, but I have this ancient dog who refuses to act ancient. LOL
I definitely will! I actually like carpet so I'm annoyed my dog is making it gross. She just gets so dirty out on her walks and then rolls on my cream carpet. At least it's old.
Most of the year is gorgeous. So I can deal with these few months. But it has been an adjustment. No more midday walks for the dog. I called a flooring guy yesterday. I’m so excited to fix it! He laughed and told me my old dog is not looking old at all. So the new flooring is definitely necessary. Sent from my iPhone
It’s hot. Miserable. I haven’t picked out my flooring yet but that’s the idea! Sent from my iPhone
This weekend, my son and his wife were here and we went through all the model homes in the area looking for a starter home. Here's the thing about model homes. When you come home, your place looks like a... Continue reading
I learned a hard lesson. I will hopefully get better. Sent from my iPhone
A friend of mine bought me a subscription to Birchbox -- which tailors and sends beauty samples out to you monthly. Since I just moved, it was nice to open a box of goodies every month. One of the things... Continue reading
Well I did make a lot of mistakes. I uploaded the wrong file etc. but I am learning and I wish people could understand you have no idea what’s going on in someone’s life so be kind. Sent from my iPhone