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Kristin Billerbeck
Silicon Valley
Author of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction Wife of One, Mother of Four
Interests: music, literature, learning, current events, writing, soccer, books, psychology, politics, culture, pop culture, publishing, great shoes, everything! fashion, other people's point of view
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Well I think you’re essential!! I’m glad you’re using the time well! My house is a bit of a mess as I finish this book and my daughter had a hair salon here this weekend. Sent from my iPhone
Oh that’s a good use of time! Sent from my iPhone
I have six beautiful choices for my new cover. Colleen Coble hooked me up with my old cover designer from Harper Collins Christian, so I'm pretty stoked. As excited as one can be when confined to the house without espresso.... Continue reading
Praying for your quick recovery Barb, it will be good to watch at home. I did see "Love and Friendship" -- I made one of my sons go with me for free popcorn. LOL I doubt I'd get away with that again. Bill Nighy was a little strange in that role, but I love him. "Sense and Sensibility" was on this weekend and wow, that's such a great version with Emma Thompson. She deserved her Oscar for writing.
I’m glad to hear it. That is definitely a warm fuzzy. That’s all that matters. Sent from my iPhone
My friend Di loved the 2005 version. I won't watch it again. I'm not a Kiera fan sadly and I don't like how they took words from another Austen book and tacked it on the end, but whatever. I'm glad for any version that makes people happy. I loved the 1981 version with David Rintoul so it took me a long time to watch the one with Colin Firth in it, but now it's my favorite, naturally. I didn't watch it for years because I thought Firth was too light to play Darcy, but he won me over. And over. I'm always up for any Austen adaptation to be honest, but Emma is not a book I enjoyed either so the movie just reminded me of that. I think "Clueless" is such a good version because they make her so dingy and likable and that's how I read the book too. But I still don't like her as a character and I saw no reason Knightley would love her, but that's the magic of movies. : ) He's going to be in a new movie that there was a preview for. A new version of The Secret Garden and it looks gorgeous!
LOL wise choice on this Emma. I agree on the Hallmark movies. They don’t do some author’s work justice. They’re like the Thorn Birds. Different story from the book but entertaining if you don’t know otherwise. Sent from my iPhone
Okay, it's no secret that I'm not an Emma fan. This version even less so than normal. In the book, I find Emma less than brilliant. Essentially, she's not winning any Nobel Prizes for physics. But in this version, she... Continue reading
I’m going to see Emma Tuesday. I’ll probably watch Little Women at home. I love a costume drama. Sent from my iPhone
No. I could use a quick, fun read! Thanks. Sent from my iPhone
Hahaha we are soul sisters!! Little Women is not for me. Sent from my iPhone
Wonderful news! Sent from my iPhone
I like they Jonny Miller version! Sent from my iPhone
Oh that sounds good. Sometimes we have to work for our reads. Sent from my iPhone
That sounds like my kind of show! I'm very jumpy right now. I need to take a break from this computer. LOL
Emma is my least favorite of all Jane Austen's novels. Yes, I like it less than Northanger Abbey. Emma as a character just annoys me. But I will still go see it. I hope artsy movies play here in Phoenix.... Continue reading
I bought this book because Tom Hanks reads the Audible version and I wanted to hear my beloved "Toy Story" favorite read a book. But I'm not an audible lover. I want to see the words. Slowly devour them and... Continue reading
Sanditon isn't great, but it's better than nothing. LOL
I'm not saying. I rarely mention names here. Think my friends are entitled to privacy. I don't really care about that. I'm an open book. LOL
That is hysterical! Sent from my iPhone
Just need to have my eyesight and SIT in the chair more.
Like in Misery? LOL
She thinks it's my best book yet. Let's hope she's right!
Okay, my friend and bestselling author wants me to finish the Wentworth Heiress book first. She loved all of them, but this one is nearly 40k words in and it's ready to finish. So that's what's next for me. Now... Continue reading
Thanks for the encouragement. It has been a rough year, but I am getting acclimated and I'm ready to work. I'm trying not to look backwards. That gets me nowhere, but my old boss is needing help so I'm sad I'm not there to help her. But I am here to write, so it's time!