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Thanks for the fixes. How about a native Typepad site search capability, like the one you have installed for this blog? This is my eternal favorite request -- and I go back to 2003 and the first days of Typepad ...!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2009 on Features, Fixes, and More at Everything Typepad
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I joined Typepad in its early phase in 2003. In those days, I was using pMachine and was literally lost in HTML and my page looking funny all the time because I couldn’t handle “the code.” Typepad was a revelation. After pMachine, things literally clicked. In the ensuing time, I went through literally all the major blogging tools that were coming online. An early pre-Typepad Blogger user, I went successively through platform after platform – from Xanga and BlogCity to self-hosted Wordpress and I created dozens of blogs and discontinued as many. I returned to Typepad from time to time to discover that the platform was improving constantly. I had my grievances, too. And then I left and returned again. Now in my “mature” blogging years, I find Typepad a great “blogging multiplier.” The application is more seamless and functional. I appreciate the quick implementation of widgets. I love not having to tweak with code. My last self-hosted WordPress blog looked beautiful and was smooth, quick and functional – but in the background it was me, chained to an oar, sweating off every step of the way with various glitches and bugs and the constant need to struggle with “the code.” Not pleasant, to me at least. And on top of all, I was spammed to death and hacked several times. Right now I have the time to focus on creating content, which should be the target for all bloggers. I have other things to do (like a regular job) besides blogging.Typepad frees me from headaches and takes care of all the rest in the background. I know that a lot of people do have their problems with Typepad, as some of the comments here suggest. No doubt I am on their side when it comes to customer support. Overall, however, and after all this back-and-forth with all kinds of platforms, I can say that, in my personal experience, Typepad does the trick with the least trouble for the blogger. I like the new platform (and dislike the Typepad Connect Beta). I give the new Typepad a high grade. So far, I haven’t been hit by any serious problems. I certainly hope customer support grows proportionally to the platform’s progress. That’s key to success.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2008 on A quick update on migration at Everything Typepad
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