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Fred Brown
I am a retired jouranalist with more than 45 years experience. I have three daughters and three grandchildren.
Interests: reading, writing, fly-fishing trout streams
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Magdalen: I am a TypePad blogger as well. I am a real newbie (although I am ancient in age and a broken down former newspaper reporter). That's enough on me. Did you ever get an answer from TP on the PDF file? I am trying to run a pseudo newspaper blog in hopes that some of my out of work buddies will one day contribute to keep the community sort of up to date on what's happening in our part of the world (the Southeast). You can check me out at Southern Journal-Observer. I'm not sure how you get there, however. But if you search on TP, I think you can find it. Mine is a very simple site with a definite attitude. Let me know if you get a TP PDF. I'd love to be able to read for myself how to do some of this stuff, without having to wade through a screen. Thanks, Fred Brown Retired Senior Writer Knoxville News Sentinel
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