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The aim of the Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois (ESCONI) is to promote an interest in the earth sciences, among these are geology, paleontology, mineralogy, archaeology, micro-mounting and the lapidary arts.
Recent Activity
Yes, it was, but it took a long time. Have you read about Milankovitch cycles? Cheers, Rich
No. It will be valid from now through the end of 2020. Cheers, Rich
Sorry, I should have added that. 8:00 PM College of Dupage - Tech Ed (TEC) Building, Room 1038B. Pretty much all general meetings are held at 8:00 on the second Friday of the month.
It is the clay under the No. 2 coal seam. I have heard that. You don't want to be back in the pit if it starts to rain!
We have helped guide school trips to Mazonia (Pit 11) a few times in the past and might be able to help. Send me an email at and we can discuss. A couple of us led a trip back in April 2019. Cheers, Rich