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Tahira, I'm so pleased that you liked my Vlog this week. I'm pasionate about webcasting and hybrid events as I imagine you are. I actually attended the very first EventCamp in NYC and the Philly Pod for ECTC11. Both were great experiences, met wonderful people, and learned a lot. I didn't get to see Vancouver Event Camp, but I've heard great things about it.
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Here’s something else to think about when you decide to extend the reach of your meeting and that concerns your webcasting partner. You may have watched some events that were streamed live or possibly streamed on demand and they cut... Continue reading
Posted Jan 24, 2012 at Professional Event Production
The Webcast must be produced and staged professionally taking into account those attending face to face as well as those attending virtually. Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2012 at Professional Event Production
You know that old saying, don't you! I do, too and should always pay attention to it. Even better, measure three times and have another person measure, too. Then cut! I had to remove my posted video yesterday as we... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2012 at Professional Event Production
The world of meetings & special events has certainly changed since 2008. What to do then? Extend the reach of those meetings in a strategic and cost effective manner. Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2012 at Professional Event Production
Wishes for a very Happy Holiday. Your support of this blog is appreciated. In preparation, is a first for this blog. A video blog. Watch for it next week. Pat Ahaesy, CMP, CSEP P&V Enterprises Continue reading
Posted Dec 24, 2011 at Professional Event Production
We've received proposals from a few venues, now they need to be sorted out. Which venue enables you to meet the objectives that you had in mind? which has the space for flexibility? If you will have staging needs and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2011 at Professional Event Production
After reading the previous blog post, you now know why you need to plan this event. You understand its purpose. You have dates in mind. (Flexibility is important). You have the reason for and type of event, basic content of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2011 at Professional Event Production
If you have been asked for the first time by your association, department head, CEO, or Garden Club to plan the annual event or the first annual event, let’s consider some important things first. Plan your event as far in... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2011 at Professional Event Production
How often, do you, the event planner have a client or vendor who promises to return your call, get you a quote, give you their most recent change, etc. and you don’t hear from them when they said that they... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2011 at Professional Event Production
Samantha, So pleased that you like what Ive written. Hopefully it is useful. Pat Ahaesy PV Enterprises Sent from my iPhone
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Have you ever had one of those moments of complete mental clarity, where you know that what you’re doing is the right thing and that it is also safe? My lastest blog posts have been about thinking differently in your... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2011 at Professional Event Production
So often I speak with event or conference planners about their annual or monthly events. What I hear is that they’ve been doing the same thing over and over month after month, year after year. Certainly, some things need to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2011 at Professional Event Production
Engaging attendees, especially at in - house attendence required meetings seems to be a challenge, but the following from Fox Business on line addresses some of the issues. It seems the nation’s top human resource executives are having a hard... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 16, 2011 at Professional Event Production
It’s been a very busy two weeks since Event Camp Twin Cities, thus the lateness on my report about this wonderful experience. Recently I blogged about “thinking differently” and indeed, that seems to be a recurring theme in my head.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2011 at Professional Event Production
Recently I wrote about the stage incidents where the rigging was blown down by high winds and asking about responsibility. Hurricane Irene hit the northeast US over the weekend, causing extensive damage to many areas, but leaving others just fine.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2011 at Professional Event Production
I have a lot of questions about the two recent stage collapses, one in Indiana and the other in Belgium. Both collapsed due to sever weather. Bellow are excerpts from two articles. The first is from and the second... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2011 at Professional Event Production
Are you using the very same template from last year and the year before to plan, produce or mange your corporate or association event? Let’s hope not! Whatever your meeting or conference is about, it should not be the same... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2011 at Professional Event Production
One other thought on this. We, as events professionals, should try to educate our clients regarding sustainability. There are those who don't feel that it's important, but it's still worth trying.
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Lise, Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, the problem lies in short sightedness and budget concerns.
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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last blogged and I’m back and ready. Yes, this blog is titled “Professional Event Production”, as we produce and manage corporate events, but we were in Vermont last week for a little... Continue reading
Posted Aug 3, 2011 at Professional Event Production
Lighting Hire, thank you for your comment and insight. I agree completely that all must be fully analyzed to avoid disappointment.
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A topic that rears its head in meeting budget discussion is Return on Investment. But what do we really mean by that? If you’re in the financial investment, ROI is pretty straightforward. Pay $100 in January for a share of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2011 at Professional Event Production
Hi Dale, Thank you for reading my blog and letting us know about your app, MyMeetingPro. I'll be blogging more about great apps to use for meetings and events.
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Hi Av hire- Sorry that my response is so very tardy, but here it is. There are so many QR Code creators, I felt that I couldn't list them all here. I will blog soon explaining more about QR Codes. However, to help others understand better what a QR Code is, the following is from Wikipedia: A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data.
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