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Mar 15, 2010
I am going to assume that your seemingly clever comment is somehow in response to my taking exception with the Peoples Ministry of oops sorry, I meant the State Department referring to the Falklands as The Malvinas. To answer your silly little rant about war; yes, I aware that there was a war, and I am aware that it was lost. I am also aware that our men have fought and died together ever since. I am aware that the term I use is one of endearment and one which comes as a result of what seemed like a long standing brotherhood of blood. So in that respect I am not sure what you are driving at here. But I will say that if you cant tell the bloody difference between this and your State Department taking sides with Argentina over sovereign British territory, then I would like to suggest that you simply refrain from vocalizing your simple-minded rant over what you take offence to. There isnt a single reader of this blog who could or would ever take my political stance as anything but pro-American; people like you however make that very difficult. As I take the gravest exception to the Hussein State Department over their betrayal of Great Britain over the Falkland issue; I have not taken exception to the American people who clearly have no loyalty to this Marxist. It is interesting that you have taken such offence; it is certainly telling to whom you offer your support.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on Torchlight Update at Torchlight
Dr. Fahl; The fact is that your theory is anything but; is it simply a fact and a foregone conclusion. 13 of Americas finest died because of PC and diversity being put above logic, reason, and security. The question at hand is simple; what are we willing to do to put this nonsense to bed before it gets to a point where it cant be reversed? We are at war and we had better get used to the idea. Politicians have proven nothing more than that they can get us to where we are today; it is our time to prove what we the people can do for the nation from this point on.
Thank you for your generous compliment. Here in Europe, as I believe is the case in America as well, all problems that we as conservatives and patriotic nationalists face in todays morally decaying world, can be traced back to the populist rot called socialism. It is refreshing to know that awareness of this problem is widespread and reactions growing stronger. Fortunately the American people have more political solutions to this problem than we do here in Europe. For us the time is running out and we are facing some pretty grim decisions if we are to salvage anything at all before even having the luxury of rebuilding. Good luck and G-d keep us all.
They certainly seem convinced of it. But putting money into Icelandic banks was apparently the right horse to wager on at one point as well.
Well then, I guess that just means we ought to shut up about it then and just let bygones be bygones. Thanks for such an enlightening comment. On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 23:36:07 -0700, [email protected] said:
Well I must say Mr. Yail Bloor, I must admit my envy for the Yail Bloor section of Political Science at the local bookseller; it does keep me up at all hours. However, I am going to have to stick to my neanderthal idea that having all freedom to elect my own representative being eradicated in favor of a remote politburo, may slightly represent Marxist tyranny. You know what guv, I may not be wiv you in matters of the brain, but when a union is designed with constructs that would make Antonio Gramsci blush, it may seem a bit like leftist rubbish to me. But hey you know us idealist doctrinaires, we never know our place. Its good of you to stop by and remind us of just where that is. However, warn me next time, I might have to go out and buy meself a dictionary thingy. P.S. I does ask meself why one bloke would put his nut in wiv another bloke on the opposite side of his enemy in order to split him into two squabbles. I guess once again I just dont have the brains for military strategy like you innit. You wiv me guv? On Sun, 4 Oct 2009 17:44:41 -0700, [email protected] said: