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Carvers Gap and Who Lost Shemeah? Posted on August 27, 2011 by sandiadams| 2 Comments It was about time for a good adventure and the weekend didn’t fail us. Leslie, Still Waters, April and myself rolled on down the highway... Continue reading
From the North Carolina Trail Dames.... The views were stunning. We spent a while just sitting, chatting, contemplating, relaxing, and enjoying the view. After 30 minutes, we decided to push on and continue down the relatively flat trail to another... Continue reading
Indescribable Guest post by Sandi Adams Not a single day goes by that my attention is not caught by some amazingly beautiful sight outside. It appears that the older I get the more deeply I cherish what is around me.... Continue reading
Inaugural Hammock Trip: Kimsey Creek, White Oak Stamp, Muskrat Creek, Raven Rock Trail and an aborted trip to Standing Indian… Guest post by Sandi Adams Whoopeee, the first trip for the Southeast Women’s Backpacker Meet Up group and I was... Continue reading
Very cool post from Dame Sandi Adams....check out her blog at Overnighter on the Chattooga….aka Hades Anxious to try out my new warbonnet hammock, I accept an invite from the Southeast Women Backpackers for an overnighter on the Chattooga... Continue reading
Awesome hike report from our Maryland Dames..... Four of us set out on Wednesday, July 27th, for Shenandoah National Park to take on the 7 1/2 mile Rapidan-Laurel Prong -Hazel Top hike. We all went in my van and left... Continue reading
This is a seriously AWESOME post by Dame Sandi Adams!! Inspiring Aging or How I Want to Be When I Grow Up… Posted on August 9, 2011 by sandiadams| Leave a comment I’ve thought a lot about getting older lately…... Continue reading
Trail report from Dame Sandi Adams..... Pine Log Creek Trail….has it ALL! Total distance: 4.6 miles Parking lot Lead Trail: .46 West Loop : 2.12 East Loop: 1.54 Quarry Trail .03 After a friend at work told me about this... Continue reading
Lansford Canal with NC Trail Dames Eight Trail Dames made it out Landsford Canal State Park in South Carolina! Six of us met up to carpool (Beth, Kelly, Kimber, Nina, Deirdre, and me), while two (Chris and Mara) met us... Continue reading
Backpacking with Beiber.....another wonderful post from Dame Sandi Adams Backpacking was on Tanner’s summer bucket list, so we planned an overnight midweek trip. I chose the Cohutta Wilderness because it is my absolute favorite Georgia spot to backpack. Meals were... Continue reading
Anne Springs Hike Blog post from the North Carolina Dames!! Several of us carpooled from Charlotte and drove the 30 mintues to Anne Springs Greenway, in Fort Mill SC, where we met up with Joy and Nina. After paying our... Continue reading
This is a re-posting from favorite Dame, Sandi Adams. Check out her great blog at Smoky Mountain Backpacking Trip This three day trip started with a bang, literally, as I was making the trip to Clarkesville to pickup Kellye... Continue reading
Day 9- Cuban Goodbyes This morning I woke up knowing that all good things must come to an end. I didn’t sleep well at all because I was nervous about leaving, the flight to the Dominican Republic and all of... Continue reading
Day 8-Cathedrals, tennis shoes and blue beaded necklaces..... This morning, I slept in and leisurely went through my suitcase. I have so much to leave behind and want to get it all divided up to give as gifts later today.... Continue reading
Well, it is 1:30 in the morning and I am getting in after a long, marvelous day. J I slept in a bit this morning, because Merlin wasn’t supposed to pick me up until 9:00 and as I sat waiting... Continue reading
Day 6 It is 9:00, and I am sitting here on my bed in a pool of melted sweat, relaxing after a nice dinner of cheese pizza. Ok, the pizza wasn’t that nice….but it was easy and fast and I... Continue reading
Day 5 Don’t tell my parents!!! So, today started just like any other day…….isn’t it funny that I can say that when I haven’t even been here a whole week? But when it feels like you have been here for... Continue reading
This morning, Merlin was supposed to pick me up at 8 am to go to work for the day. At 5 minutes til, there was a knock on my door…he was here! With lots of “Buenos dios’s” and “Hola’s” we... Continue reading
Day 3 Did I just get here yesterday? It is already starting to feel like I have been here a long time. Every time I go somewhere, the first few days are like a first date. Of course, I am... Continue reading
Wow…..just….wow……… It is day 2 of my adventure and I am in Cuba. Seriously, can you believe it?!?! J Most of the day was spent getting to the airport, getting my ticket and waiting to board the plane. Everything took... Continue reading
(I will add photos later, but for is an accounting of my latest adventure!!!) The DR, Day 1- Taxis, Cannons and Banyan Trees There is a moment in every international flight in which I feel like I have truly... Continue reading
This past Saturday, 5 of us headed up to our local mountain for a nice hike 3 mile hike. This was a first hike for some of the Dames and the second hike that I was leading. I purposely chose... Continue reading
Reedy Creek Hike 9 Dames made it out on a beautiful mothers day morning for the 3 mile Reedy Creek hike. (Nina, Lori, Kimber, Chelsea, Diane, Diana, Dolores, Kathy, and me.) We all met up at the nature center where... Continue reading
Today the Maryland Trail Dames did a short day hike in Gambrill State Park. It was previously scheduled for last week but a big rain storm canceled that so I rescheduled it for today. Not so many could come but... Continue reading
This post is from our North Carolina Trail Dames Blog, thanks to our illustrious Head Dame there, Fabs!! Today, 8 of us (Katherine, Stephanie, Linda, Marsha, Karen, Kimber, Tammy, a nd me) headed down to Kings Mt. Military National Park... Continue reading