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Consultant, traveller, knitter, reader, golfer, all-around opinion-giver
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I know there aren't words, so instead I'll just send hugs and strength and my best hankie. Please take care of yourself as well.
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Tee hee, Linda. :)
I've not tried their cords, but I have 2 pairs of jeans & 2 pairs of dress pants, plus my faux leather skinnies (purchased at Boutique Larrieux, on eBay, & at Nordstrom Rack). So far, so good on all of them. I will say, they don't go in the dryer, other than for a quick de-wrinkling tumble after they've line-dried. I firmly believe that a lot of my clothes last longer this way, so it's worth the extra time & step to me. I also frequently wash pants inside out to protect the finish on them.
Thanks, Tracy! There wasn't one in the book, but there's one on the website!
I possibly could not lust after those shoes any more. GORGEOUS. Love the entire outfit!
This is a beautiful tribute. *sniff*
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@Dawn: My dad, of course!
Heh. That used to happen to me every time I drove past the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. Just...*poof!* No more street lights. So, wizards in SC, and ghosts in WI? :)
Oh, J., she's just lovely. So graceful. And look at your gorgeous family!!
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Sending lots of hugs y'all's way.
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I am crying as I read this. Poor babies. Poor mamas. I can't imagine how difficult this day was, but I'm so glad you were able to document these things for BNY. Hugs to you all.
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I can't wait to see a post with a photo of your entire family! I'm thinking of you all and sending lots of love and calming thoughts.
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This might call for a Pinterest board. ;)
Aw. Miss O made me tear up. :-) I can't wait for your whole family to be together in person.
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@Jenn - You could try the method described in the linked post at Haute Apple Pie. Put the stuff in a bag, label it with the year, and if you don't touch by this time next year, toss it without opening it. I may resort to that if I come up with some "can't part with it" items in my quest as well. @Dawn - Thanks! :-)
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Mar 15, 2010
Dude. If you ever find that scale that pops out the gift cards, let me know, mmkay? ;-)
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Ah, Air Supply. I've now been transported back to junior high school dances, and 13-y.o. birthday parties in our parents' basements... Anyway, I'm grateful that my lady bits doctor offers actual cloth hospital robes. And a paper sheet.
I'm delighted to hear that Miss O has her priorities in order - laughter & food, what else do you need? ;-) Seriously, that is *awesome* that she wanted to talk to you about it. You two have a fabulous mother-daughter relationship and you should be proud.
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Going to try to address a few things here - do you know that I have no idea if Typepad has comment size limits? We'll see if I can be succinct. ;-) @Julie - I wish we lived closer too! Our visits were so much fun, and I really need to talk The Husband into that trip to your neck of the woods. @jentifred - Yes. I didn't address the issue of how the exclusion is done. That's actually one of the things that was part of my "weird convergence"; I recently discovered I was unfriended by a HS friend on FB without a word. It stung a bit, to not at least be told, "hey, I'm limiting my FB friends only to people currently in my life, no hard feelings", as a different HS friend recently posted. On the other hand, IRL we drifted apart 18 years ago, something that was marked by both of us just not calling each other anymore. Neither of us ever said, "I'm just going to not call you anymore", it just happened. So is not-friending (or unfriending) without a word really so different? [that's sort of rhetorical, BTW - it's the question that was rolling around my head, but feel free to tell me your thoughts]. @Gretchen - I'm kind of giggling over your RL dramaz; maybe this is why I just don't bother to entertain. ;-) @webhill & @yellwlab - I think I addressed most of what you're saying in my response to @jentifred. The particular situation that you're commenting on is only one component of what drove this blog post. And I think I might be viewing the various fora somewhat differently. I think each individual's profile is their "cocktail party". Some of the cocktail parties have do not have guest lists that fully match every other cocktail party. So I guess I'm not looking at it from the perspective of being at the cocktail party & being forced to sit alone on the couch, but rather just not being invited to that particular party. Your perspective is a new take on it for me, thanks! @Red_ruby - I agree; my life has been enriched by the people I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Hey, I think I still have room left! ;-)
You know my feelings on spiders already. *shudder* *shudder* *shudder*
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Hey! I have that swimsuit too! :-D
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2009 on At the Pool at I Can't Complain
Gah. Tellers? Not always so bright. This reminds me of our French banking disaster: Prior to leaving for our trip... Husband: Physically goes to bank, asks about using ATM card overseas, teller assures him it will work and there's nothing he needs to do. Me: Calls credit union, CU woman assures me the ATM card will work and puts a note on the account to make sure it does. Once in Paris, we try the ATM... Husband: ATM laughs an evil French laugh and tells him no way, no how is he getting any Euros, and if he tries it again, it will eat his card. Me: ATM says, "Here, take the entire contents of your checking account in Euros, ma'am, because your fool husband's bank is populated with morons." Upon return home... Husband: Physically goes to bank to rip them a new one, is told that he should've asked to have the card activated for overseas use. (How he did not kill someone, I do not know.) Me: Laments lack of checking account contents, praises credit union.
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