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Kathay, I wish I could help you, I have no idea what that entails or what that is. I wish you the best of luck finding food for her. Only one idea comes to you have something written up that explains this diet? Maybe if you sent that to your concierge, he/she might be able to help? Or, do you have a place with acess to a kithenette? I hope you find some good foods for her and enjoy your trip. best of luck, Danielle
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Hi karen!! The outer cookies are made from egg whites, sugar, and finely ground almond flour. The ganache inside can be made from various things, but I couldn't find anything that made them have gluten in them. Mostly some sort of sugar, and something to flavor them. Now I cannot vouch for cross contact, these are bakeries, but since they are so fancy, (and let's face it, french), the confectioners are usually very meticulous about not mixing things and using everything clean. I ate them and didn't have any problem, and they were good. I am so sorry that you missed out on them!! Take care, Danielle
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