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CP Holiday Train Team
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Welcome from Amsterdam GP! The Holiday season seems far away now but it's always here before we know it :)
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Hi Sherri! When they're not on the Holiday Train, Anders "Snowball" Drerup and bassist Adam "Christmas" Puddington are part of the amazing music group The Claytones: Enjoy!
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Hi Billstar, Thanks for your enthusiastic comments regarding the Holiday Train stop in Scranton. CP is actually quite pleased that you feel many people heard about the Holiday Train’s arrival by word of mouth. The promotion of the Holiday Train is all about the grass roots piece you describe and engaging each community we stop in, to help spread the word. CP decided years ago that the it was important to see any funds that were allotted to the program go primarily to operating the train and benefiting food charities across North America. The costs to advertise in the more that 128 communities we stop in each year would be astronomical so, instead, we rely on the generosity of local media outlets to help and do our best to connect with many of them each year. We also lean on local city officials, chambers of commerce and the benefiting charity to help with promotions. The response is always overwhelming as the Holiday Train’s mission is universal. To raise food, money and awareness in each community we stop in. Happy Holidays and thanks so much for attending the Scranton event. ~Breanne P.S – We’ll have to explore your GPS idea!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2008 on Nov. 27th at CP Holiday Train Blog
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