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Carol Margolis
Interests: experiencing the joys in travel, exploring the world and meeting lots of great friends
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I talk with my husband every night while I'm away, and I travel just about every week. We talk for at least an hour, sometimes two. While this may seem long, we can always find much to talk about. I also talk with my kids every few days (they're both living on their own now). Since I am on the road so much, talking via telephone is just routine in keeping up with family and friends, and helps break the loneliness of my hotel room. Carol Margolis
Great info, Kim! Glad to hear that Marriott’s service was great, since I’m a very-frequent Marriott guest. Just another reason to have a hotel’s business card with you (and coins to make a public phone call!) -Carol
Here is the TSA's response to this whole Clear situation:
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Re #13 and online bill-pay ... I couldn't live without all of the online tools that are available now. I get all bday cards ready at one time and they get sent on the person's bday. If something isn't on my calendar (ALL airlines, hotels and car rentals need to have a feature to update our calendars), it doesn't get done. Oh, and I can watch my dog online when he's boarded at doggy-day-care. I couldn't travel each week like I do without all of the online tools. Carol
Paris and London are fantastic. Havana will be interesting once the travel restrictions are fully lifted (and the initial rush of visitors has died down).
We're always keeping an eye out for great resources. When they're updated on Smart Women Travelers, we'll be posting them here.
When eating in restaurants, ask for exactly what you want (no sauce, dressing on the side, extra veggies in lieu of rice, for example) Most restaurants are very accommodating and it makes eating healthy in a restaurant more possible that you think.
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Hi Joyce -- Thanks for visiting and thanks for the nice comment! You may want to check out my main site: There's more to read there, and more coming daily. Have a great 2009! Come visit again, Carol
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Kare and Sharon -- Thank you both for your comments. Maybe 2009 will be a great year for partnership between the air carriers and their passengers. It's New Year's Eve, so I can hope! Happy 2009! Carol