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@Robert While this is true for many users, our experience and even Apple's own recommendation is that iDisk not be used for this kind of situation. The link that David included in the post has more information: The sad truth is that iDisk is similar to the OS X keychain. It is meant for a few items and not for frequent, changing access. In the future, 1Password 3 will have WebDAV synching that will work for our MobileMe customers much better than iDisk synching has. -- Jamie Phelps, Code Wrangler Agile Web Solutions
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@CJ We're intentionally being very conservative about our estimates for when 1Password 3 will be officially released. We are working as hard as possible to complete the release, but we would feel badly if we gave even an estimated date and then weren't able to deliver. It's not necessarily the case that 1Password 3 will not be released until after these posts have all run their course. It's possible that it could release before then, but we don't want to make any commitments and risk disappointing our fantastic users. Jamie Phelps Agile Web Solutions Code Wrangler
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on What's coming in 1Password 3 at Switchers' Blog
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@Marcel: The sync should be a true sync both ways. We did not intend for 1Password touch to be a synching mechanism between Macs but some folks are using it that way very splendidly. A better solution would be to use something like Dropbox to sync the two Macs. Then, you'd have the latest data on your Mac all the time and synching with any of your Macs is just like synching with just one because your sync authentication is synched as well. I hope that helps. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us or post in the forums. Jamie Phelps, Code Wrangler Agile Web Solutions
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This is currently not possible, but it's something we've been discussing the best way to approach for a future release. It's something we're interested in doing, but there are a few other higher priority items at this time and we've got to make sure that we find the best possible solution. If you haven't done so yet, I invite you to join our support forums. We actively participate with users from around the world.
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