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Rob Silvershein
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Rob Silvershein added a favorite at Zachary Quinto
Sep 8, 2009
I am convinced his pooping issue relates to a boy trying to control his environment. I suggest (if you can handle it) no more pull ups. If you survive the accidents for a week (or maybe for a few days), he will learn. Congrats on the blog!
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2009 on Seriously... a pull-up again? at mamajody
I blog about my passions. I blog as an expert on a subject. I blog as a catharsis. I blog to inspire. I blog to use my brain for something deeper than just talking about the NFL scores on Sunday -- (not that the NFL is uninteresting). I blog therefore I am!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on Why did you start blogging? at Question of the Day
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What? The Giants are not going to repeat? I guess i will just be overeating watching funny but overpriced ineffective commercials. Also looking forward to seeing 'the boss' at half time. I will be rooting for the Cardinals just based on the fact that this will be the only time in the next 50 years that they make it past the first round of the playoffs.
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