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Sharon Castellanos
San Francisco
GrouchyPuppy® Founder and Publisher
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When you are looking at bringing a new dog into your life, there is a lot to consider. Do you want a dog to go jogging with you? How much do you like to go on road trips and excursions, and would you love a co-pilot? Set yourself up for success! Here are ten helpful relationship issues to consider before and during your life with a dog. Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Two renowned dog cognition scientists are hunting worldwide for a very rare breed of dog – ones who can identify 20 or more objects by name.Citizen science project, Finding Rico is launched to find the worlds most gifted dogs. Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Making a dog's day for me begins from a place of gratitude because of my symbiotic relationship with dogs. Often a dog's day is being made at the same time as my own. Celebrate National Make a Dog’s Day on October 22, 2021. Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Who doesn’t love the Subaru commercial of the dog family driving down the road and their puppy in the car seat gets the passing bulldog in his truck to honk his airhorn for him? Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
In her doggy way, she told me not to give up, that the positive influence of dogs was always there for me. Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
That morning I remembered my dog and channeled her energy into my words and soothing sounds. I thought of our time together and each gentle massage I gave to show her that she could relax and trust all would be well. I tried to transfer the good memories of my adopted dog's happy life into this spaniel. Slowly petting and massaging her furry body, I passed on the positive influence of my adoption experience, of how there is someone out there who will gladly give all they have to help her live her best life. Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Throughout September!! Pet Food Express is hosting its Virtual Pet Fair, California’s largest, pet adoption event and the pet industry’s first-ever virtual fair of its size with over 7,000 animals available for adoption! All month long through the Pet Food... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
A dog's natural ability to diffuse a room is powerful and effective because I have also experienced it in the doggy loft at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. I have watched an agitated person walk into a room, spy an old dog doing anything from being cute while they nap to being cute as they trot across the floor, and see their limbs and expression visible relax. I imagine their blood pressure is lowering as their face transforms into soft eyes and maybe a smile. Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
The most important thing I can do with all of the new dogs I meet at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is the remind them that they are in a place where they are loved unconditionally. They are free to snuggle and lean all they want or not. That is one of the reasons I think they enjoy the open space of the doggy loft. It is a space of comfort and freedom to remember that they are loved dogs. Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Guess who returned to the doggy loft for the first time in sixteen months? She has opposable thumbs and is the biggest dog lover you will find. Thanks to a pandemic, my city and state shut down for weeks and shuttered schools and businesses for months. I missed 64 Wednesday mornings waking up sleepy old dogs. Sixteen months of being denied a steady diet of soft doggy snuggles. How many laundry loads of dirty dog beds, aprons, and towels did I skip? I can't believe I missed mopping up after these sugar faces so much. Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Helen Woodward Animal Center is getting ready to celebrate the Center’s panel participation in Comic-Con International’s Comic-Con@Home with a full weekend of heroic adoptions and PAWmicon fun at the Center July 23 – 25, 2021 Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Pet Food Express kicks off its annual Fill the Food Bank campaign to help hundreds of struggling California families to continue to care for their beloved dog(s) with free, nutritious food and avoid surrendering their pet to a shelter. Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Don't feel bad if you realize it's not a good idea to have a dog. Over the past few years, I have discovered is that it's not so bad enjoying the company of dogs that don't belong to me. I love dogs very much and will always want to have them around, but I am realistic about the difference between enjoying them and being responsible for one. Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
In San Francisco, people interested in adopting and fostering the older dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue stayed steady throughout 2020. According to the group Shelter Animals Count, which tracks hundreds of rescue organizations nationwide, there was an increase in... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Recently I read about the successful fostering and adoption of a Muttville mutt, Quigley. The story shared by MW Moses is told below, in his own words. It’s a wonderful example of the Grouchy Puppy motto, Give Fearlessly * Influence Positively... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
A saving grace for me has been the many dogs in my San Francisco neighborhood. Since the need to work from home, and the quarantine, I see so many more dogs playing outside or just walking down the street. The occasional encounters with these pups of all ages and sizes have been a tonic. Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2021 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
One of the best pieces of advice the SF SPCA gave us was the notion that to help our new family member and dog flourish, we should try to set her up for success. This perspective struck me as both simple and brilliant, easy to remember, and you can apply it to everything. Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
One of the places nearby is a dog park that is big enough for folks to safely social distance while letting their dogs play off leash. Since the pandemic and number of coronavirus cases still prevent me from getting my... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Dogs can be so delightfully consistent! I mean, since this pandemic has us social distancing whenever we’re out and wherever we are, I find myself sitting alone on a bench, either at a park or neighborhood street. It doesn’t happen every time but often, a person out walking their dog will slow near me, either because the dog is interested in the tree nearby or the dog wants to say hi to me! It is usually the typical labradorable type dog, a puppy who would also say hi to the tree, the bench and the mailbox, or the sweet little old dog who can pick out a dog lover in a minute. Continue reading
Posted Aug 6, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Pilots N Paws is a wonderful nonprofit. Their volunteer pilots and plane owners assist specific rescues and shelters, sometimes flying animals directly to adopters waiting to be united with their new pup. They take to the skies to give adorable... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
A Virginia Tech staffer (And senior dog!) who has spent a career serving and supporting the university community was recently recognized in a special commencement ceremony during Mental Health Awareness Week. Moose, an 8-year-old therapy dog at Virginia Tech’s Cook... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Thank you for your kind words and compassionate response. I never expected to go through something like this. I expect to write more about it.
What happens if you think you’re ready to adopt a dog, and you do, but days later you return them to the rescue? How do you feel? How do you process what happened? How do you understand that you got... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
The dangerous foxtail weeds can get into your dog’s ear canals, inhaled into their nose or wedge between toes easily. Now is the time to keep a close eye on your dog while you are out together, and giving them a once over after you get home. Protect your dog from this springtime danger. Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog
Making sure your dog has an ID tag with current, readable, contact information is the first step to reuniting them with you if you ever get separated. Next step making sure your dog has a microchip registered with your information is key. It’s National Pet ID Week. Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2020 at Grouchy Puppy® Blog