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Jeff Neilson
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I agree, crossing the street in Hoh Chi Minh city is an amazing experience! Walk steady, keep your pace, have faith, and hope for a little good luck.
Nice post Johanna! It's cold in Sweden this week. Good time for you to be in Uganda I think. Best of luck. jeff
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on Exotic Kampala at Travelstart South Africa Blog
Hej Susanna! Thanks for the note. I like your country so far! Although, I would prefer to be in Nairobi today and enjoying the 27 degrees. Best of luck to you in Nairobi.
Thanks for the note! I agree with you; Sweden is beautiful most of the year, but it's best enjoyed when it's a bit warmer than the 0 degrees it is today. Brrrrrrrr.... I need a vacation. jeff