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Alison Janssen
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Picard has my vote for #1. Not that Kirk isn't great, I just prefer Picard.
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by Alison Dasho The time has come, my blog-reading friends, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. However, I must now take my leave, bowing out of leading any more blog... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho Scene: The soup aisle, at the co-op near my house Time: Evening, just about dinner time Cast of Characters: Me, dressed for the cold in my winter coat (a leather jacket) and a pink scarf Little boy,... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho My mom is an inveterate rearranger. Furniture is practically nomadic in the house, migrating from room to room, clumping in varied seating areas, fluctuating between focal points depending on time of year -- the fireplace, the big... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho Well, it took a full week, but we're finally moved in to the new place. Mostly. The bed delivers next week, then the living room set (so grown up! we bought a living room set!) the week... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho [NOTE: This post originally appeared in January of this year, but as my husband and I are spending this week moving boxes and bookshelves and my waffle maker into a new apartment, I've pulled it out of... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho Some of the titles I've edited over the years have recently been made available for Kindle and Nook (and okay some have been available for awhile, but I have to be completionist about this!), and I wanted... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho So the Bookends agency launched an ebook publishing arm, Beyond the Page publishing, and it's got people on the internet talking. One of those people is author Courtney Milan, who keeps a wonderful and informative blog (bookmark... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho Okay, you guys, inspired by my experiences this week, I'm going to start a new business. For writers who need a place to write, editors who need a place to edit -- basically, anyone working from home... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho I am brain-fried today after a long daytrip to Chicago (congrats, Cousin Emma, on getting into Columbia! Hey Chicago friends, please be nice to my cousin!), so I'm just going to share two quick links about the... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho I recently rewatched one of my favorite mystery/crime movies, Deathtrap. (Yes, it remains a favorite despite all the annoying Dyan Cannon screaming.) I first saw Deathtrap as a stage production, sometime back in the early 90s, with... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho "Boy, I sure do love the summertime," she declared. "Say, could you hand me that pitcher of sangria?" he implored. "This pesto pasta salad is divine," she nodded. "Careful to save room for ice cream sandwiches," he... Continue reading
Hooray! Welcome, Erin! And I wholeheartedly agree about the pizza crust. Deep dish is all well and good (I mean, it is still pizza, after all), but cracker-thin is the way to go. Hm. Now I want pizza for dinner. :)
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by Alison Dasho Alright, she announced it! I am a big nerd and happy fan of the series (see my imaginary revised ending to book 7). I'll be scrambling to get an early registration come July 31st, and I'll be... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho I learned a new word yesterday: Hibernaculum (Before you click that, or the link below, did you know that it's possible to switch your web browser's settings so it doesn't load pictures? Check under the Preferences menu... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho I'm not the most fashionable person in the world, it's true. Although I love to visit The Sartorialist and contemplate wearing those outfits or getting those haircuts, in real life I don't take fashion risks or help... Continue reading
by Alison Dasho Hi everyone! I'm still enjoying decompression after the frenzy and emotion of the wedding, so today I just have some interesting links to share. First, several debut authors talk about what they learned from their editors here.... Continue reading
by Alison Janssen (wait, I'm Alison Dasho now!) Are you considering working with a freelance editor on your manuscript? 1. What kind of editor are you hiring? Developmental and/or line editor? Copy editor? 2. Is the fee flat, or based... Continue reading
by Alison Janssen This weekend! I'm getting married! Here's one of our first dates (we went to see The Nutcracker, this photo op was set up in the lobby): I don't have a lot of helpful editing tips for you... Continue reading
by Alison Janssen Today I'm flying to Vermont to watch my sister graduate from CCS. I am so incredibly proud of her, and I can't wait to see her thesis up close and in person. My little sister is going... Continue reading
No, please, inflict away! That movie was key-ray-zee in terms of "plot," but I will admit I loved the visual of that hot car driving through the melting ice castle. ... and now I'm singing the theme from Ice Castles.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2011 on 007 at Hey, There's A Dead Guy in the Living Room
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by Alison Janssen Up until a few weeks ago, I'd only ever seen two Bond movies: From Russia With Love and the one with Pierce Brosnan and the handcuff motorcyle chase. To close this gap in my cultural knowledge, my... Continue reading
by Alison Janssen You guys, I read a blog last week that is *so exactly* everything I would want to say about point of view. Written by Toni McGee Causey over on the Murder She Writes blog, it's the best... Continue reading
by Alison Janssen Do you have fictional aspirations? Is there a character you'd love to trade places with, if you could be him/her for a day, a week, or a year? I once had to write an essay for a... Continue reading
by Alison Janssen This week a forthcoming Tyrus book got a wonderful starred review in Publishers Weekly, and I'm so excited for and proud of Bill. County Line Contemporary sharp-edged noir doesn't get much better than Cameron's mournful third novel... Continue reading