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Hi Darcy! We do send a shipping notification e-mail with your tracking number when we process your shipping label (check your spam box too). Your box has definitely been shipped! :) Please contact us via FB message or e-mail us at if you have any questions!
Hi Carrie! We ran a bit longer on than expected this time! All of the boxes have been shipped. Please contact us via FB message or e-mail us at if you have any questions!
Hi Karen! We send a shipping notification e-mail when your shipping label is processed (check your spam folders!). It contains your tracking number. The packing took a little longer than expected this time, but all of the boxes have been shipped!
Hi Darshinly! All of the boxes have been shipped. If you have any questions please send us a Facebook message or e-mail us at Thanks!
Hi Devra! We send a shipping notification e-mail containing the tracking number when we process your shipping label.
Hi Marnie! I'm sorry! The Flashback Boxes are all SOLD OUT! :(
Yes, the lines in these boxes are different from the lines in the Warehouse Boxes. The product in these boxes is all from collections that are earlier than "Daily Flash". The product in the Warehouse Boxes was from collections from "Daily Flash" and later. A few of the Warehouse Boxes may have had a couple of products from earlier added to reach the promised value, but rarely and very few.
Now that's not really a fair question! :) First, the good news is that all the boxes do *not* have the exact same product. The bad news is that many of the boxes do have some product that is the same. The reality is that for multiple-box purchases, we *are* going to try to get boxes for you that are as much different as possible. The reason for the disclaimer is so that you don't get mad at us if we are not able to get multiple boxes that are as different as we would like them to be. There are going to be products that are the same in both boxes. The good-good news is that it does look like we have a good amount of variety in the other products. I hope that helps! :)
Hi Vicki! The confirmation e-mail will come when the shipping label is processed for your box (and includes the tracking number for your shipment). In the meantime, rest assured that if your purchase shows up in PayPal, it was successful! :)
Hi Maria! If you will e-mail with your PayPal e-mail address, name, and phone number, I will attempt to pick two kits for you with as little Halloween product as possible. I cannot guarantee completely because some of the items are pre-packed and bagged (like the pattern papers).
Hi Dani! You have to click on the PayPal button *directly* from the actual OA Blog page. If you try to use a link from a copy of the OA Blog (such as a blog summary from an e-mail or from some sort of blog reader) it will do exactly what you describe (go to PayPal webpage, but with no shopping cart or way to check out). Anything other than the actual blog page itself will be missing the internal code that tells PayPal what product you are trying to put into your shopping cart!
Hi Heidi! Certainly! :) Go ahead and check out normally (pay for the shipping). Then send an e-mail to Please include your PayPal e-mail address, your name, and your phone number. I will refund your shipping charge, and notify you when your box is ready for you to pickup. You should receive a confirmation e-mail back from me within an hour.
Hi Lisa! Please send an e-mail to and include your PayPal e-mail address, shipping address, and phone number. I will be happy to refund you the difference on the shipping amount right away! :)
Hi Anneke! The two boxes listed for sale in the post above are the "Flashback Box" (no stamps), and the "Stamp Blowout Box" (only stamps). These boxes have the same names in the post above and in the PayPal shopping cart. If you are seeing a different name, then you may have accidentally clicked on a link from a previous box sale (or you might still have a box in your shopping cart from the last box sale).
Hi Lisa! Please try again. This sounds like some sort of weird glitch on the internet. Do double-check your shipping address, though, just to be sure! :)
Hi Lisa! You must be shipping two boxes to an International address. That price is correct IF you are shipping two *Flashback* Boxes to an international address (each Flashback Box contains over $100 retail value of product, and that weighs a lot). However, if you are shipping one or more Stamp Blowout Boxes, then we will be refunding you the difference based on actual shipping costs (see the post above for details).
Hi Heather! The Flashback Boxes will have a similar amount of pattern paper as the recent Warehouse Boxes.
Hi Anne! There was some Cherry Hill that went into the Flashback boxes, but it would be a *little* bit, and not in every box.
Hi Carree! No. BUT, there is a new box sale starting on Monday (September 12, 2016)! :)
Hi Kathy! We do combine shipping on multiple *Warehouse Box* purchases in order to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. The single *shipping* box that you received does contain the full product contents from the three *Warehouse Boxes* that you purchased. Sorry for any confusion!
Hi Bernie! These are the last few extra Warehouse Boxes, so they are pulled from the same range of collections as the previous boxes -- Daily Flash and newer.
Hi Gloria! Unfortunately the OA Warehouse Boxes are all sold out. The button will still put one into your shopping cart (that's the way PayPal buttons of this type work), but you won't be able to check out because there is no stock currently available. GOOD NEWS, HOWEVER! We made a few more boxes out of the product that was left, and we will be putting them up for sale in a day to so. Watch the OA blog and Facebook for more info soon!
Hi Shannon! I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your Warehouse Box! If you purchased just *one* Warehouse Box, you definitely should not have received two of the *same* washi tape. That would be a mistake in packing, and I apologize. We do put more $$ value of product in every box than we promise (these boxes had over $110 USD of product even though we only promised $100 USD). We do that to guarantee that you get a good value; and so that if a packing error does occur, we have already given you something extra to make up for it. :)
Watch for a *small* number of remaining boxes on the OA blog and Facebook now that all the last order have been shipped!
Hi Pat! Now that all of the "More Boxes" have shipped, we will see if we can pack up a handful more for those who missed the previous offerings. Look for an announcement on the blog and Facebook over the next couple of days! We will also have different sales events upcoming so watch for those too!