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wife to Chris, mom to Ashleigh, Austin, Aubrie-Li, Amy-Hui, Anna and Abraham and daughter of the King of kings
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that little creature is a chicken! it's head! they don't really bone the chicken - they just hack it up and cook it! you put a morsel in your mouth and whatever isn't edible is spit out. well, that's how you would do it if you ate it...
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i'm proud of you, linz! and i think there are some things on that list that you really *did* accomplish - and the only way you can know that is because others see it in you (sometimes it is more difficult to see yourself!).
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:-) love this...
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Super sad. My heart breaks for these little girls. Their only fault is that they dreamed of dancing - like many little girls do. The very people that should have been protecting them have instead betrayed them by not watching out for their best interest. Only God knows how many of the hits on this video are pedophiles...
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Dangerously loving the orphan... It started almost 4 years ago (this Saturday, April 3) when a scared 25 month old girl toddled into our hotel room in Guangzhou, China. Our family ("perfect" American family: dad, mom, daughter, son) changed that day... 3 days later, we loaded into a van and drove 3 1/2 hours to our new daughter's orphanage to visit. God pierced our hearts that day. This was no longer just about adding this precious little girl to our family; it was about the little ones left behind. One little girl in particular won our hearts that day. Several months later, again we were answering the call to add "just one more". Another journey to the other side of the world; another daughter - no longer an orphan. Again - several months later - a little boy won our hearts. Another trip to China and our family grew again. We were content and minding our own business when God blind-sided us... with that little girl from our first journey to China. Remember? The one that won our hearts. And she was now 8 years old. So that is where we are today. Dangerously waiting for our precious little, beautiful miracle. It's a dangerous thing that happens when we ask the Father to break our hearts for the things that break his...
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Mar 15, 2010