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Heres his official line from: 22 Sinclair, Brandon 249 carries 1253 yards 5 yard average 73 long 20 rushing TDs 2 fumbles
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2014 on Football stat leaders, through Week 12 at Prep Talk
Those arent the official team stats on the team site. These here are the ones supplied by the coaching staff via the Hudl reports.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2014 on Football stat leaders, through Week 12 at Prep Talk
He was first-team pitcher. Guessing they wanted to spread the wealth a bit.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2014 on All-Region VII-AAA baseball team at Prep Talk
Not a problem at all. There are certainly more than a handful of pros and cons to each system. I can say that part of the discrepancy has to do with unbalanced regions. Some have as many as eight teams, while others have as few as five. Essentially, each region is allowed to choose how to best determine which teams represents it in the postseason. There has been talk about going to a more uniform policy, even for each of the states four classes, but Id guess this is about 1,022th on their list of things to discuss.
Tyree, the third place team from Region VI (Conway and Carolina Forests region) will play at the No. 2 seed from Region V. At this point, that appears to be Dutch Fork, based on the numbers Ive seen.
If you really want interesting, check out what Region I-AA is doing. Four teams all tied for first. So theyre playing two games Monday. The winner of those games will then face off Tuesday. Winner of that game gets the Regions No. 1 seed.
Heres the short answer: Very few regions use the same tie-breaking rules. Heres the long answer: Region VI-AAAA employs (albeit after several other options have been exhausted) a coin toss. Region VII-AAA uses a system that assigns points to the each team as they finish in the standings - 6 points for first, 5 for second, etc. - to sort it out. When that doesnt work, as it wont if Myrtle Beach defeats Georgetown on Monday, that region uses a one-game play-in. Region VII-A (which includes area team Carvers Bay) employs strategy factoring in how many points by which one defeated the other. Theoretically, you could have a pair of teams in two different regions finish in on a tie for first. One region may use a play-in game, while the other sees how many points those two scored in key games. It can be frustrating, and thats why we try to let as much play out before trying to make too many guesses, especially in the regions using more complicated tie-breaker procedures.
Theyre only selling 1,500 tickets. My guess is the rest will be reserved for teams, families, etc. I have no doubts that place will be at capacity.
Berkeley-Myrtle Beach is our game of the week. The Lead-in for the Football Friday primer has followed that trend all season. Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2013 on Football Friday Primer, Week 11 at Prep Talk
Cindy, you are correct. That was a simple typo on my part. It was suppose to say 964. Official stats - which are also posted correctly later in the blog - have him at the 960 mark.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2013 on Saturday morning quarterback, Week 5 at Prep Talk
That may very well be the case. This is why I need a full-time statistician. Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2013 on Saturday morning quarterback, Week 2 at Prep Talk
It's interesting conversation fodder, to be sure. One thing I've noticed in the last two-three years: There has been a trend away from naming the coach of the first-place team Coach of the Year. In the past - and still, to some extent - the coach from the No. 1 team was almost always the COY. Has that had an influence recently? I'm not sure, but it's certainly a good question. I see what you're saying re: Thuba. If he only has one first-team player, doesn't that mean he's done more with less in winning region? I'm not inside the coaches' heads on this, but there's something else to consider - between the three All-Region teams, this is how many players were given honors from each school: St. James - 8 players Socastee - 8 players Myrtle Beach - 6 players Georgetown - 5 players North Myrtle Beach - 5 players Wilson - 4 players Just something else to think about.
Post amended, per your correction. Thank you. On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 3:08 PM, Ian Guerin wrote: You are absolutely correct, Jill. Juggling multiple sports sometimes gets ahead of me. Mea culpa.
Just to be clear, All-Region teams are voted on purely by the head coaches.
You are absolutely correct, Jill. Juggling multiple sports sometimes gets ahead of me. Mea culpa.
Im assuming you meant now postponed. Thanks for the heads up. Just got off the phone w/ Andrews. This means Loris-Andrews winner will now play at Waccamaw on Thursday for the district championship.
Loris baseball is listed once - the aforementioned baseball home game for Wednesday - and Loris softball is listed for that sport. Sent from my iPhone
Georgetown lost 6-3, per coach Al Hutchinson. Sent from my iPhone
Thanks for the heads up - well get it updated.
Think youre taking that as a negative comment. As teams around the Grand Strand and state have discovered today, few - if any - have the resources available to play after heavy rains. Heavy rains can prevent games on even the best-kept fields. Outside of a dome, my guess is that everything was done to play that game as originally scheduled.
John, Thats on me. The link I originally used was broken. You can now click directly on the link above or go directly to IG
Alan, technically, three teams have, but I get your point. This is a very good Goose Creek team, and they tend not to give up half that many. I may be way, way off.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2012 on Pigskin Pick 'Em, Playoff Rounds 1-2 at Prep Talk
I can't keep up with the kids these days. Is that a compliment?
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2012 on Grand Strand weekly Web chat (Oct. 17) at Prep Talk
Jeff, nice pick-up. Here's the story from my buddy, Adam Regan, over in Anderson: From what I understand, the player was dressed back in September for the game but did not actually get on the field. The biggest impact is that this gives Daniel a loss in the eight-team Region I-AAA. Still, it's hard to ignore the Lions - then ranked No. 3 - destroyed the No. 4 ranked team in Class AAA last Friday night. That loss was not affected, meaning the Lions are still in prime position to win that region and get a great playoff seed. I'm not sure how much I will drop them after this weekend; maybe a spot or two tops.
A Myrtle Beach fan sticking up for Socastee? I'm so confused. Woodruff is actually pretty darn good. After moving up from Class AA, it's only two losses are to Abbeville (No. 1 in Class AA poll) and Byrnes (No. 1 in Class AAAA), and both of those were very close scores. Hanahan is 5-1. But yes, I have a hard time believing what Socastee has done doesn't warrant top-10 status. Personally, I've been voting the Braves in the top 10 since Aug. 20, and here is how I voted Class AAA this week: Class AAA 1. Myrtle Beach 2. Hartsville 3. Daniel 4. Belton-Honea Path 5. Swansea 6. Socastee 7. Hanahan 8. A.C. Flora 9. Woodruff 10. Manning Polls are fun, aren't they?