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Hello Val - Both Lecce and Ostuni are good choices. I'm partial to Lecce between the two. Also, as you will be in Monopoli for a few nights, you could visit Ostuni and Martina Franca from there and then move down to Salento (the southernmost Province of Puglia) and Lecce, its capital and a lively city with many great eateries & wine bars, history and nightlife. Lecce is also a great base for exploring the Salento area.
Frank - You're right....It's never too late. Puglia is amazing; the food, the people and the land. You will love it there, I'm sure.
Thank you everyone for participating! We have a winner....Congratulations Mary Klestadt (aka comment #5), you've won one cooking class with Monica and Arianna of Cook in Venice! I've emailed you the details. I'm certain you'll enjoy your class with them!
Domenica - Thank you! Yes, I agree, that it's always great to get an insider's view of his/her city, no matter how many times you've been there. And, yes, I'd love to get your insights into the Food in Abruzzo!
Frank - You're so right; eating tips for Venice are much needed to help navigate away from the "tourist-trap" eateries. I hope Monica's tips help everyone to enjoy the great food that the city has to offer.
Linda - Thanks so much; I loved taking them and also love looking at the photos again & again. The thought and creativity that go into all the costume creations is amazing. Would be so much fun to meet up with you at Carnevale next year!
Frank: Thank you, I think :) . A daily visit to a market- especially a Provencal one - does make life so much better.
Frank - I think you're right and it looks like we were both thinking potatoes, cheese and pork this week.
Frank - Yes, the sauce/jus really makes the dish. It's so important to have bread on hand to sop it up
Linda, Simona, Domenica ~ Thanks for welcoming Italy on Plate back...I was worried that the hiatus was too long, so I appreciate your comments. I'm also sure I'll be seeing your posts on future IOP roundups! Simona: I'm going to miss Eurochocolate this year, too. Very sad about that.
Thanks everyone for your comments and for entering the giveaway. Comment #5 from Judy is the winner!!! Congratulations Judy, I hope to see you soon in Provence, and I'll make sure crepes are on the dessert part of the menu. Linda - I can't see the green through the screen, but I do have to say that you look like you're having a wonderful with all that delicious fish in Abruzzo! Frank - Thank you. I must admit I'm having a lot of fun.
The giveaway for Taurino olive oil is now closed. Thanks for all the great comments and interesting suggestions for Donato's next dish. Congratulations to Dee S. Her comment, #27, was randomly chosen and two bottles of Taurino Olive Oil are on their way to you from Puglia!
Thank you all for your commments, and yes, I understand that choosing just one dish is virtually impossible. We have a cookbook winner and she is comment #29, Janie! Congratulations, Janie, and I'll be contacting you for your mailing information. Giveaway comments are now closed but please add your favorite dish or any other comments to the conversation.
Linda - Thanks so much. Everyone had a wonderful time and I'm sure that next year's trips will be just as fantastic. Would love it if you joined us. T Murphy - Each trip is limited to a maximum of 12 people.
Veru, Linda and Melissa - Yes, it is amazing here, as are Mamma Giulia, Mamma Anna and Ylenia. Glad you're following along with us. Frank - Yes you certainly do!
Tuula & Krista - Thanks for the support and sweet comments. We have a great group of food lovers with us. Michelle - Thanks for you comment. You can be on this trip. I'll be posting dates & details for 2013 within the next few weeks, so stay tuned.
Simona - A beautiful post and story about your visits to Piemonte and the fog. Also love the concept of the ABC's of Italian cuisine. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to Piemonte again this summer and look forward to concentrating on its cuisine a bit more; been there 3 times previously but chocolate and wine dominated my culinary travels. I'll be on the lookout for frita' an bagna.
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Thanks for all the comments and auguri, ladies. I really appreciate it. Jen: Would love to have you join the Puglia trip!
Dina - Yes, you can. To substitute active dry yeast for cake yeast, you should you half the amount. In this case, that would be 3/4 ounce active dry yeast. Thanks for the question, and I'll make note of it in the recipe.
Simona - Thanks. My grandfather was Giuseppe & one of my aunts is Giuseppina. When I brought her some zeppole for her onomastico, she didn't remember having them before but remembers her parents celebrating San Giuseppe on March 19. (I'm gonna have to check to see if they celebrate San Giuseppe with a different sweet in Sicily, possibly sfinge??) Krista - I like a little alone time, too. The memories of my first day of Salento and how different the place felt after meeting Ylenia and the rest of the ladies is part of the reason I love Puglia so. Adri - Thanks Adri, glad you the like the recipe and the "lesson," as you say. Let me be clear, though, I like both types of zeppole! (Don't want to get in trouble with my Neapolitan friends ;)
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2012 on Zeppole di San Giuseppe at Food Lover's Odyssey
Wandering Educators - You will love it, I'm sure. Asproulla - Thank you for the kind compliment. I'm glad you found me and thanks for commenting! Adri - You always make me blush with your very kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I agree that cooking together is a great bonding experience. Frank - Now onion pie will be my English translation for Focaccia Salentina. Thank you for the compliment on the first photo of Mamma Giulia. She and the sunlight get all the credit for the photo.
Adri - You're welcome, as always. Although the sun is out, here in No. California, we've hit a bit of a cold spell, and your soup warmed me up just by reading about it. Marco - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad you like the blog and am sure you can understand my love for Puglia. By the way, I stopped by your site and really like it. Great information on Puglia! Linda - You're welcome. I love seeing dishes from North Italy with Austria/Hungarian influences. A lot of people don't realize there are places in Italy where these types of dishes are very common.
Gary: Thank you for the kind words. It's always good to hear from readers, especially those that enjoy the posts.
Frank - It really was a cheese lover's heaven. I do hope you get to Puglia on your next trip to Italy. The region is spectacular. And, let me add this shameless plug, I couldn't think of anyone better to join us in May (or Sept.) on the Puglia Culinary tour we've put together.
Adri - Thanks so much. I'm so glad that both you and Bart like the post and the site. Let me know when you make them. Linda - It seems almost mandatory that one must binge on frittelle, or the names they go by in other regions, during Carnival. Will look forward to seeing your version. Ambika - Thanks. They were quite good.