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Brian, Great to see you blogging again...Recording again. Still waiting for the next Psalm Project. Do NOT give up on it! Shalom in 2014
Amen. While seeking to have win-win situations is a good thing, usually when the issues have great significance and people are highly invested in the outcomes, win-win is almost always impossible. Take for example our current situation in the PCUSA...there are those who will leave because you have not moved quick enough to leave the denomination and those who will leave because you are considering leaving at all...I have experienced the same thing in navigating changes to corporate worship. And I cannot tell you how many times I have been told that if you cannot find a "win-win" scenario that you should not act...The Result: Paralysis. Win-Win often leads to being held hostage to the late adopters or the antagonists. Read Gordon MacDonald's Who Stole My Church? Thoughts?
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Great Post. Keep preaching it wherever and whenever you can. The Church needs to hear it. Seminaries need to hear it. As a pastor and a professor, the real challenge is to get church folks to embrace the new reality. Except for a period as a church planter in the early 80s in S California, every church I have served have primarily sought to prop up a model of church and ministry for Christendom, while knowing "something" was wrong. I for one, who minister and teach seminary in Seattle, believe we can no longer afford to keep our heads and hearts disengaged with the real issues, challenges and opportunities that lie before us heading further into the 21st century.
Brian, Thanks for the post. Appreciate the honesty. Appreciated the work of art included. Do not be afraid.
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Chris, Great to see you writing again after all these months...Thought you were LOST at LOST. Fantastic reflections on the true nature of the Christis Scriptures...Of course Karl Barth said it best that the Bible is the written faithful word and witness to THE WORD AND WITNESS INCARNATE Jesus Christ.
Chris, Could not agree more with you on this one...I have missed some of the LOST series, but loved the final. If we could but more fully appreciate the redemptive story telling that is taking place through various art forms, including television, we would gain a bigger picture of God, including the God we know in Jesus Christ.
Tod, thanks for this reflection and the continued relevance of Friedman for those who lead. I both smiled and cried as I read this because it is so true.
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Mar 15, 2010
May I add another name conspicuously absent from your list...Dr. Karl Barth
Great to see this blog as a continual reminder that we Christians are called to tell and live our story with courage and conviction, along with humility. As the late Robert Webber said in "Who Gets to Narrate the World" if we don't tell our story another story will be the one people will believe and live. It was a great joy to be with you, the folks at Grace and to preach the Word and administer the Sacrament of Communion with you. Grace and Peace
How did the concert go?
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What a great adventure for the Jukanovich's. God is so alive and present in Africa. God is doing amazing things in Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa. (see and Blessings in every way!
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Brian, Again thank you for your depth of insight. Your commitment to worship, the Scriptures, and power of art, including TS Eliot. It moves me deeply.
Markus, Way to go by joining the blog world. Thanks for posting this as it was a real joy to see and hear you preach this a few weeks back. Thank you for your friendship and your ministry/service to me as my Teaching Assistant at Fuller Seminary. May God allow you to flurish in all He calls you to in the future. Blessings. Keep blogging!