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Bonnie Muirhead
New Zealand
I'm that chick who almost won Hell's Kitchen like 10 years ago....
Interests: food, wine, cheese, whiskey, photography, outdoorsy stuff, scotch, the green scene, quirky stuff
Recent Activity
Hello friends and lovers, I actually have a legitimate excuse for not writing in a while! Well, kinda. Just go with it. I've become a small business owner. Yes, that is correct! I am in the process of setting up... Continue reading
I'm not sure if you guys know this, but I was involved in a pseudo scandal a few years back. Oh yes, even before Hell's Kitchen knew about Chef Bonnie, trouble was a-brewin. I even made Perez Hilton. (for those... Continue reading
Woooooah blogging overloooooad! Slow DOWN already! Ok, ok. I'm sorry. It's just how things work. I'm a bit of a life binger: I do everything full on or not at all (eh hem, like...erm...blogging). So I'm on a little kick... Continue reading
....And it is NOT in my belly. And I did NOT do what I promised to do. And I will get up and stand in front of you all to proclaim that BONNIE MUIRHEAD IS A LIGHTWEIGHT! Yes, friends and... Continue reading
One of the perks of living in a farm-ish town in New Zealand is that someone is always trying to get rid of some sort of meat from some sort of animal they have just slaughetered - because they themselves... Continue reading
Whew! Feels so much nicer to touch type on a real keyboard then to do the 2-finger routine on a tablet. I'm so glad my mom made me take typing in 9th grade. I hated every minute of it, but... Continue reading
I'm typing this post on a tablet in bed. Because I'm really busy. And smug. I feel like one of the Peanut kids typing with two fingers. like Schroeder playing the piano. Seriously, how genius was Charlie Brown? Ok already... Continue reading
Well hello. I'm not even going to ask how we all are because I'm in a mood. I'm feeling a bit touchy. To add to this I've just seen my Typepad account has been spammed with weird comments. Ugh I... Continue reading
Greetings Earthlings. We know it's been awhile. I have no excuse but complete and absolute aversion to this website. I have no real reason why, everytime I sat down to write, or thought about writing, my brain would go "oh... Continue reading
Hey peeps, I know it's been like a month, and I know I owe you a goodie, but I have to share this with you because I am so FREAKING jealous this little guy didn't wander into my house and... Continue reading
Hey Chickadees! Happy Halloween for those of you on the other side of the International Date Line! It's fun to be smug and say that Halloween was sooooo yesterday. Well, over here in New Zealand anyways :) I did some... Continue reading
Hi friends. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, does it not? Eh. I feel that sentiment is overrated. Well, since my last post stirred up so many funny stories (they're funny now because they're in the past - isn't it... Continue reading
So I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Thank you to those of you who left me some extremely nice comments. I know it must seem silly to pout about the seemingly empty auditorium with a cricket chirping I... Continue reading
Hi friends. Or should I say friend. I don't think many people read this. I know of one. Because he tells me he reads it and gives me feedback on every single post. Thanks Olivier. If I actually knew you... Continue reading
I'm planting my summer veggie garden today. I've never been one with a super green thumb. So this might be a bit harder than I'm actually thinking. I bought my weight in seeds so I have everything from Tuscan Kale... Continue reading
I had the best day on Monday. I was lucky enough to know someone who, not only owned an extra bee suit for me to wear, but also allowed me to tag along on his beekeeping rounds. And I didn't... Continue reading
I don't even know why I call this a "Survival Guide for the Domestically Challenged". I'm not very domestic myself. I'm a sham. Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010