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Coming into this class I was expecting to work with a bunch of designers to come up with some cool game ideas. I was looking forward to the class, but overall I was worried that my voice would be lost in a crowd. Instead what I got was the opportunity to work with one the best project teams I have ever had. When we first started brain storming session I had the personal goal of all my proposed ideas being ones that Activision would never produce. Some of the early ideas included a stacking game where you stacked large every... Continue reading
For many years the comic book industry hasn’t been treated as a boy’s club of sorts. Most male characters are oddly proportioned muscle bags and the women are all the fantasy of 15 year old teenagers. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the comic industry is even more gender segregated that the games industry. Fron characterized the game industry as, ” [a] adolescent male sensibility that transcends physical age and embraces highly stylized graphical violence, male fantasies of power and domination, hyper-sexualized, objectified depictions of women, and rampant racial stereotyping and discrimination.” [1] It’s appropriate... Continue reading
For a little over a year now I have been able to work on a number of MMOGs without having ever played a commercial MMO or virtual world. This doesn’t have anything to do with this actually blog post, but I wanted you to know that this assignment has stolen my favorite bragging right…and now for something completely different. For my first foray into the world of massively multi-player worlds I wanted to play the two most popular, World of Warcraft and Second Life. Despite my undeniable noob status I was already somewhat familiar with both games based off numerous... Continue reading
For some time chess was viewed by the Roman Catholic Church as a "path to perdition". Eventually the church began to change their tune on chess and viewed it as a propaganda gold mine as opposed to a evil pass time. Specifically, "Jacobus de Cessolis used chess as the basis for a series of sermons" (Yalom 68). By this time chess was no longer considered a game of war due to the inclusion of non-warlike pieces such as the king and queen. This allowed Cessolis took advantage of this new paradigm to convey chess as an allegory for society. Using... Continue reading
One of the first counter culture games movement was the New Games movement started by Stewart Brand. "Brand explored how people interact with each other through the games they played, and devised a new 'set of meta-strategies to learn' through the development of New Games." (Fron). One of the most noticeable qualities of the new games movement was the subversion of traditional game mechanics and conventions. One game that best exemplifies the new games movement is "Rock-Paper-Scissors Tag". The game consists of two groups facing off in a massive game of rock paper scissors. Which ever side looses the round... Continue reading
In honor of The Secret of Monkey Island I will be delivering the rest of this post with a pirate vernacular. Arrrrrrgh maties, come aboard and see ye the wonders of monkey island. Look out ahoy... and scurvy...Okay I think we can agree that this is not the best of ideas, especially considering my pirate vocabulary is limited to arrrgh, maties, ahoy, and scurvy. Moving on, The Secret of Monkey Island was a point and click adventure game released by Lucas Arts in 1990. In the game players would interact the world by clicking various commands, such as "look", and... Continue reading