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Mar 15, 2010
Fried chicken, I meant to say.
Hui, the difference is that terrorists haven't attacked Tsu during my first month here. And yes, friend chicken can be purchases at any local convenient store. Steve, you comment begs the question -- why hasn't Hollywood greenlit a live action Wonder Woman movie? That would kick some serious ass. I can smell the dollar signs from here.
Ha Ha! Thanks Sandy. Since I posted this, I found out that Hulu doesn't work outside the US. Unfortunate. Also, tell Rob that I bought the GSP walk-in t-shirt from his fight with Penn. I figured I needed to pay due reverence to one of the baddest men alive.
Ha ha! Or, maybe you should listen a little bit faster. ;) No, you're right. I was speaking a mile a minute, but that should take care of itself once I get over to Japan. Once I start teaching, I'll be forced to slow down my speaking, and that should carry over to the videos. Thanks for the comments!
Absolutely, Sandy. And don't forget Sengoku / World Victory Road. Tons of great combat sports in Japan, and I can't wait to take in some K-1.