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monica lee
I am a freelance illustrator and designer
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monica lee added a favorite at A Beautiful Mess
Jan 14, 2012
monica lee added a favorite at A Beautiful Mess
Jan 14, 2012
HI! I am now following and would Love, love this book!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2010 on design crush: the giveaway at Belly's
Hi! i was just catching up on your blog and saw your dog and pup pictures. I too to tortured my border collie by bringing a small maltese puppy into our has been an adjustment to say the least! The puppy cruises around the old dogs backs like a toddler would use a coffee table! Too funny! glad I am not the only one!
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cute! found you thru BYW!
See, only a sister would comment on my hair! I love you Seashell!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2010 on Home! Still Wired! at Monica Lee Studios
oh, the angst over blogging! My husband is a marketing guru and he tells me to blog with a purpose. Pleeze! I am a woman and I have about 100 different purposes! My original intent was to showcase more of my illustrations without having to change my website. That was YEARS ago. Now I blog about 3 times a week about what turns me on, what caught me eye and occasionally I will show my art. My 'purpose' changed because now I am a full time illustrator (who can't showcase work until it is published) and before I was scrambling to get work. I sometimes beat myself up because I have been blogging long enough that I "should" have a good following by now, ha! But...I have changed, my audience has changed. So I guess my blogging 'purpose' is to make myself happy:) Novel idea.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on quiet no more at the Creative Thursday blog
I bought 2 entire bags worth...the family had pulled 26 bags out of their mom's attic!!
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2010 on Windfall.... at Monica Lee Studios
oh you are so sweet! BJ, you always make me feel so good! Calvin Klein, makes a good LBD!
Toggle Commented May 25, 2010 on Beach Wedding at Monica Lee Studios
You are right, the gift wrap I did has the wedding dress on it! I liked their photo better than mine ha!
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2010 on Samples! at Monica Lee Studios
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Mar 15, 2010
I completely agree about the quilting fabric not being good for clothing. I am old (hmmm, older) and my mother and I sewed all my clothing. You simply cannot find fabric easily for clothing anymore. You should do a clothing book! Maybe these companies will start selling cotton in different weights!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on Liberty blouse at angry chicken
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So excited about your new book! Hooray for you! Now that it is Aug I am finally finding time to enjoy summer! Better late than never!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on savoring summer at SouleMama
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Wow! The new site is the bomb! It just looks great! how DO you get the sides to change too? that is something techie I have not mastered!
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yeah! this book sounds great! My favorite spot is my studio, I should probably separate work and play but i don't and that is ok with me!
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I am using the new typepad to organize my content (yes, I saved the changes)and they are not showing up on my blog. Unhappy.
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Oh mi! Give yourself a break and take a day to just mend...yourself not garments..haha! Loving your blog!
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This is such a pretty painting! Really nice. Sometimes weekends are my most creative time!
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bummer about the cell phone, like your froggy!
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2009 on Welcome Spring!! at I woke up like this
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