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LOVE THIS! Thank you!! ​
Sweetpeas, it's time. It's time to say goodbye to Ain't No Mom Jeans. The new site is *just*about*ready*, and I'll still be blogging about all of the same stuff, and frankly, if we do our jobs right, changing to The Mom Edit will be seamless...but still. It feels like a... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Did you know Guess has a kid's line? And that it's completely hysterical I mean fabulous? Acid-washed denim shorts? [applause] That's how it's done, folks. Gold star for Guess. I typically buy Raines all the new clothes, and then give his old ones to Pax. Clearly this inequality isn't lost... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
I'd just wear something pretty and let it show. :)
Maybe the Marc Jacobs? The Mink Pink (#7)?? Oh wait - you're going to kill me, but I just found another:
My new fav combo. In case you missed it, I first talked about this pairing (as well as some seriously yummy local love) here. 1. ELizabeth and James White Burnout Dress, $365 at Nordstrom 2. Topshop Tiered Slub-Knit Dress, $36 at Nordstrom 3. Banana Republic White Eyelet Shift Dress, $120... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
A few weeks ago, we headed down to Kelly drive to go for a little family walk. And were greeted by this sight: Oh. Oh. It was the Manyunk Bike Race, which is, apparentely, a big deal. There was music, and beer, and a kiddie carnival. They had some sort... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
I'm in the same process, Laura!
You made him blush this morning. :) (And probs made his day.)
This happens to us all the time. So awkward. (Mike usually changes. Obviously.)
It's this one: We LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Ugh. Of course it does. Sigh. Thanks for the feedback...
Yeah....Shannon wanted me to not cut it at all either. We finally compromised for the summer and cut a few of the bottom curls off. I was starting to look like I had a mullet, and in the summer I just. can't. deal. with having to mess around with hair. But I promised that there would be no cutting this Fall. Ugh. :) Good luck to us both, right? Thanks for the feedback, Chick!
No clue - it was done in the salon. Shannon said that it was "one of the stronger ones". Soooo.....??? I'm happy to ask if your salon needs more deets!
I have Neon papaya. The bottoms...I ended up getting buying & returning a bunch. They seriously have virtually every possible option. The bikini fit nicely in front, but the bum area was too long (not wide). So it came up oddly high. This might be fixed if I were taller, or had more of a bum. The string bikini fits really well - love those adjustable ties. The shrunken lowrider is super tiny - it barely covers my c-section scar, and is cut rather skimpy in back. Predictably, this was my husband's fav. :)
Laura - this is seriously helpful. Have you found any cool barrettes you love? ​
I'm on it. THANK YOU!!!!
Mike does best to put this...he doesn't really need to worry about matching. Consequently, the man owns a drawer full of gray t-shirts. One of the easiest-ever guy wardrobe upgrades is to swap a plain tee for a breton-striped one. Since stripes are a neutral, they really do go... Continue reading
Posted Jun 26, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Awwww....thanks, Chick!
LOL - Probably! I remember the outfit, not the details...but that might just be how my brain works. :)
Beth, what do you think of this dress? Saw it at Zappos and...I know I'm way too short for it, but something about this dress keeps bringing me back. I suspect the pictures don't do it justice. Zoom in to see what I mean. Very vintage looking which I don't typically go for, but this struck me as very Grace Kelly glam. Or something. Thoughts? (and a round up is coming, actually....)
For the 4th of July last year I wore a pretty white dress. It was a small act of rebellion, wearing a white dress on a day that would involve dirty curbs and candy-stained fingers. We even went to the beach. (wearing: old Milly dress, Madewell sunglasses....but I love this... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2014 at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Autumn, I cracked up reading this! You see, I HAVE a white couch, left over from pre-baby days. But, to quote M, "your couch is white?" EXACTLY. ​