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Frederick: I agree that government needs to intervene. The AI has been trying to fight this stuff as well. I hope the new Presuident, Jim Amorin, gets on this like a pit bull on Michael Vick, slathered in hog fat. (What a visual, huh?) Larry: Being from the south i hate the whole concept of unions, however, you have a point. The AI, while waiting too long to get into this fight, is trying. We can all help by keeting with our congress reps and even our state officials. We can also help by boycotting these companies outright. If we all agreed to stop working for eappraiseit for 30 days, we would cripple them. Their clients would have to look at their mistreatment of us, as it would affect their ability to meet deadlines and deliver product. LA Certified: Thanks as always for the compliments. I appreciate everyone's replies.
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