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Trish L Austin
I'm a married mom of 2, a writer, a jewelry retailer and a jewelry designer.
Interests: learning, marketing, listening to music, philanthropy, jewelry, helping people, parenting, reading, writing, getting rich, talking, making jewelry, neurofeedback, married life, learning to play guitar, jewelsbyme, not getting rich, learning about the brain, therapy...
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I totally disagree with your policy. I've known people that have run Spanish radio stations/speak no Spanish. I know people who can write, but just don't blog. I'm 44, and knew only how to turn on a computer 3 years ago. What I have learned has been on my own. Bloggers, internet money makers etc. try to make it all sound like lawyers and their "legalese". There's something sooooo special. The "average" person just can't do it. Okay, maybe the average person can't do it. Let's say a person of 120 IQ or more. They could be taught a lot of things to "catch up". I just don't like seeing the internet turned into something that seems unreachable to people. It' a lie. Just like to be a great lawyer you need to go to law school. I went to Law School. It was fun and interesting. But, a lot of what I learned could have been thrown out. It could take lawyers 1/2 the time to graduate, but it's an "elite" group. They want the students to suffer/make the average person believe that it's so difficult to become a lawyer. In reality, most lawyering is form work. Paralegals do a lot of the work. Most cases never get near trial. Blah, Blah, Blah Crayon is such a fun name. I think it's harsh not to give people a chance because they don't blog. Most importantly, you may miss out on hiring some one who thinks outside "the blog".
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