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I am a working Mom one "daughter the doctor" and two wild and crazy boys.
Interests: knitting, rubber stamping, parenting, scrapbooking, philosophy, diversity, artistic expression
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Well, I love Lisa Leonard designs so sign me up there! As for classes, i would love to take a photography class. When I check out the MCC site I am just excited by so many things! Ink! Bind it all! They are great.
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I've wondered if I should post for a few days now. I hate to post without pictures and my camera has NOT been on my mind lately. Things have been really stressful with AIMEE's BRIDAL SHOWER coming up - lots of planning, making, worrying, forgetting.... and at the same time so much to worry about and research about Maxie's kindergarten placement. Every day I move between frustrated to mad to tearful to exhausted as I read, research, learn and then face up to the fact that while inclusion in a typical Kindergarten class is not only what is statistically BEST... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2010 at Growing up Palmer
I'm loving my new KINDLE!
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I am thankful for my wonderful Maxie who has come so far in the last year!
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What a great project! Thanks for the giveaway :).
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I love your little posts and links. Thank you so much for sharing them. You are terrific as always!
Our first full day in Washington was to be the BIG SIGHTSEEING DAY. We had planned to take the metro to Union Station and pick up a sightseeing trolley that would circle us through the monuments, allowing us to get on and off as we needed. The first adventure was the metro which was really clean and beautiful. Logan loved riding on the train. He was fascinated with how fast the walls went by, that is, until he realized he could see himself in the window. We got to the station and got our tickets and boarded the trolley. Like... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2009 at Growing up Palmer
Ok, to say I'm a BAD BLOGGER would be an understatement. I love doing this, I like to write, I want to share, but why the heck does loading and placing pictures have to take so dang long? I sit down for 10 minutes and nothing gets done. (BIG PITY PARTY SIGH HERE) Ok. So, we came back from DC a couple weeks ago now and we miss Aimee terribly. But boy did we have adventures and I really can't wait to go back! That first day in DC, after a lot of hugging, we went to Georgetown to walk... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2009 at Growing up Palmer
As expected, Logie was soooo excited to go on a plane. He chattered all the way from home to the airport and was very helpful finding airplane signs so I would know which way to go. Once at the airport we were faced with the first "big scary challenge" - the escalator. He ended up in a crouch but made it much to the amusement of the people around us. The second "big scary challenge" was the security checkpoint where he found it quite amusing that he had to take off his shoes. And then, we had to wait. Sometimes... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2009 at Growing up Palmer
For everyone worried about Maxie I thought I would post a quick update. On Wednesday night/Thursday morning about 1am Maxie woke up and was breathing really hard. We were really worried and I almost called and woke up Aimee, but he had been fine when he went to bed, so we decided to give him a nebulizer treatment that we still had from last winter and see what happened. He fell asleep on my chest so I dozed off. When we woke up he was no better so I called the doctor and got him in to the first appointment... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2009 at Growing up Palmer
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Sep 6, 2009
This past week was supposed to be FUN week, VACATION week. Instead it turned out to be SICK week. Tuesday was the first day of vacation, the last week of summer. For this day I had planned to have a Logie/Mommy day filled with fun things to do. We made it quite a bit of the way through the day too. First stop, breakfast at the Blue Moon Diner. These were the CHOCOLATIEST pancakes I'd ever seen! Logan couldn't finish them but he tried really, really hard. Next stop was Supercuts for Logan's first professional haircut in a very long... Continue reading
Posted Sep 6, 2009 at Growing up Palmer
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Aug 30, 2009
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Aug 30, 2009
I do the same thing. If this keeps up I'll own everything twice or nothing at all LOL
Love love love this and definitely will be writing mine. My daughter grew up to be a doctor in spite of her crazy and scandelous mother and I want all to know it when I'm gone. What a treat this is!
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My best tip is to use a really good zoom lense. There is no substitute for a zoom in getting the best close-up face shots that are unposed and natural.
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What I love is its portability. I can scrap at the park, in the car, in front of the tv. I can scrap while watching two little children.
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You simple gals are the best!
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Love this kit. Crazy good. Pick me Pick me!
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