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"His joy in her enthralled him as they began to move together and he had the intense pleasure of knowing she had slipped beyond all reality but him and was giving from the depths off her being. Their senses rose together on the crest of a passion wild beyond anything they could have imagined. Caught in wave after wave of gloriously exultant pleasure, Kairee could only cling to the solidness of his huge fraame as their bodies, their passions, and their completion, molded them into one. His hard body filled her and she felt a stunning, beautiful, expanding bloom of... Continue reading
"She took his hand into hers and led it to the sweet nectar between her thighs where she was hot and wet and ready for him. 'Come inside, my sweet, where it is warm and inviting,' she whispered." Master of Desire -- Kinley MacGregor Continue reading
"Her nipple burned through the thin silk and teased his palm with an unspoken promise." The Pirate & The Puritan -- Cheryl Howe Continue reading
"Pinioned beneath him, crushed by his weight. I spread my legs and wrapped my arms around his back, my fingers tearing at the silk of his shirt. Jeremy Bond filled me, pulsating inside me, moving, thrusting, strong as steel and soft as velvet, the torment unbearable, growing, growing, building as he thrust deeper and deeper and the dam of sensation weakened, crumbling, a flood of feeling ready to drown us both. He growled again, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of my shoulder, his body tense, rigid atop mine as the moment of release drew nearer, nearer. When he... Continue reading
"When he couldn't stand the torture she was inflicting a moment longer, he removed her hands and placed the tumescent tip of his shaft at her opening; while his hands massaged her breasts, his fingers pulled at the taut nipples. Slowly, he eased into her tightness, reveling in her low moan of pleasure. 'Oh God, James!' she cried out, taking him full within her. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire. Her heart pounded loud in her ears and her blood pulsed in rhythm to his throbbing organ. The darkness heightened every sensation, every stroke, every kiss, every... Continue reading
"He locked their pelvises together and ground his hips against hers, side to side, up and down, round and round, until he felt the walls of her vagina tighten around his cock again, gnawing like an insatiable predator demanding more from him, all of him." Loving Yasmine -- Ana E. Ross Continue reading
"Then he flips me to cup one cheek of my ass, slapping the other one vigorously, but it doesn't hurt me. 'Oh, I see that you've 'practiced' your spanking before, dirty young man." "Titillations and waves of bliss are spreading in me." "He puts one finger between my cheeks and plays with my back button, rubbing his finger on it gently." "My vagina is stretching of pleasure, soaking his hand." "My holes are in paradise right now." "He growls of pleasure." "You know, it's an exploit that I didn't come yet because you're fucking hot." "Ethan! I'm already in love... Continue reading
"A rainbow of colors shot through her -- blue mating with yellow, red having its way with green -- copulating colors, dancing and spinning like so many fairies, and oh, how she envied each and every one of them." Aphrodite's Kiss -- Julie Kenner Continue reading
"His desire to shove it up into that delightful sticky tunnel was overwhelming." Money For Your Chevrolet Or Your Wife? -- Elizabeth Hershey Continue reading
"The gentle breeze that flushed in, spiced the elation they had inspired and to make the moment last, he went down with his tongue, spreading the soft pulps of her labia with both thumbs and fiddling with his tongue, over the soft moist pulp of her pussy. She spread both legs apart, feeding him with the sweet slimy nectar that oozed gradually from her little paradise pussy, and at climax, she started speaking in tongues. 'Boo! Fuck my pussy c'mon,' she kept moaning and swirling her butts to the rhythm of his twiddling tongue. It was his unique strategy, to... Continue reading
"My pussy was so wet it was running down my legs." Once Bitten, Twice Wet -- Maggie McHale Continue reading
"My heart stills and my body trembles as a numbness and heat attack my body at once. "Yes!" I scream out as my pussy pulses around his thick cock. My body convulses against his as heat and pleasure race through my heavy limbs. I feel waves of hot cum soak my aching pussy. My eyes widen as the aftershocks settle. What the fuck did I just do?" Dirty Dom -- Willow Winters Continue reading
"I shimmy to the left and right, shaking my boobs like Jell-O Jigglers." Against the Wall -- Julie Prestsater Continue reading
“‘Just fuck me.’ I moaned out as Aaron’s hips started to thrust his cock in and out. Chris started to do the same, and soon all of my insides were filled with passion. Chris grabbed a hold on my breasts again, and my hand supported my body off of Aaron’s stiff chest. My hips started to rock back and forth, sliding in and out both cocks, when suddenly I could feel my ass being filled with Chris’s sperm. He grabbed close me as he climaxed, as pulled out of me slowly. I could feel his sperm drip out of me... Continue reading
"She stiffened in shock when Rand suckled her tongue like a babe nursing." Embrace Me Sweet Stranger -- Candace McCarthy Continue reading
“She was probably ready to explode in a man’s arms.” Anything Goes -- Lynn Lafleur Continue reading
"Ragged pleasure, sensations sharp and hot, wrapped around the head of his cock, struck his balls, and then raced up his spine to sizzle in the base of his brain." Wild Card -- Lora Leigh Continue reading
"He stood at the foot of the bed, hungry as a wolf by the way he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and grinned. If it weren't for the fact he had her half-naked, and in the bedroom, she could have sworn he thought of a way to kill her. It was that kind of look." Pistol -- Max Henry Continue reading
"The added stimulant of his tongue writhing against her flesh spiraled a jolt of pleasure straight to clit. A hot rush of wetness surged against the cotton barrier she no longer wanted." Can tongues writhe? "She teased the outline of his thick, heavily-veined cock with one fingernail, much as she had his inseam. Her thumb traced circles along its angled, purple head, scorching hot and irresistibly downy, before taking its full length in her grasp and tugging it closer."* *He is still wearing underwear at this point in the scene. "He brought his enormous hand to join the endeavor, cupping... Continue reading
"Katherine's eyes widened, and her whole body stiffened in his hold. 'Oh, God,' she cried, and then her wet sheath throbbed and pulsed under the force of her release. Her body trembled as she came, sucking him deeper." For Love of the Duke -- Christi Caldwell Continue reading
"She took another as he watched her intently and said, 'I would like to melt in your mouth.'" "He kissed her in the elevator as it rose to the highest floor, whispering against her lips, 'Let me melt in your mouth,' then did with an expertise that caught her by surprise." "'Oh, you are a pretty pussy, just melting in my hands,' he breathed against her lips, 'purring with pleasure, the perfect pussy.' His Little Black Book -- Thea Devine Continue reading
"Her clit vibrated and pulsed in response to the grinding motion." Tied Up, Tied Down -- Lorelei James Continue reading
"He skimmed the soft petals of her sex, opening her so he could torture both of them. She glistened in welcome, and he gathered up her moisture and brought it to his mouth to taste. Perfection" Her Loyal SEAL -- Caitlyn O'Leary Continue reading
"'And now we begin the rest of our lives,' Elizabeth whispered, as Lance pulled her down onto the bed. He said nothing. He was not a man born to make love with words. Lost in his kiss, held in his embrace, beneath his body, Elizabeth turned to fire and ice, which have a language of their own, a tongue that is not at all difficult to understand. It is the silent speech of a man and a woman alone. Windward held them, and the June night held Windward, as Lance and Elizabeth had the world to themselves. Haakon had left... Continue reading
"'Look,' he said. 'Look at yourself, your flower, in the mirror.' Suddenly, inexplicably, Margot was afraid. She was not sure she could look. Remy cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and the familiar twinge of pleasure sprang forth deep inside her, flushing her vulva with moistness. Remy reached down and slid a finger between her pussy lips, rubbing up and down, barely touching the opening of her vagina, making her breath catch in her throat. In her hand she clutched the lion dildo so hard her knuckles were white. Remy pushed her legs apart further, and reached up kneading and... Continue reading