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Tracy Johnson
I live in Montana and like to make stuff!
Interests: travel, stamping, cooking, reading, scrapbooking, quilting, decorating
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That was a purchased (Basic Grey maybe?) brad.
Beautiful card. Merry Christmas.
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I'm loving that pretty new line of fabric, for sure! My latest quilting project is a Christmas table runner for my kitchen island. I think it might not be done in time for this year's Christmas, however!
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Tracy Johnson added a favorite at scrapkit studio blog
Dec 4, 2010
Tracy Johnson added a favorite at scrapkit studio blog
Dec 2, 2010
Hey Diana, I like to have them on hand to forvarious things. I tie them to littlegifty things...maybe a sack of Halloween candy, or a wrapped loaf of banana bread.Whenmy girls were younger,I would put them in their lunch boxes. Ialso bought themthose little mini mailboxes from teh Target dollar spot, and hung themon the wall by their bedroom doors. I would attach one to littlegifty surprises like a new pair of socks, or a packofgum, or new hair bands.Iam having a home party tomorrow (want to come? Its at 2PM!) and I think I will stick some in something (pumpkins? vases?I dont know yet!) to set around on the table for decorations. You can also use them as bookmarks, and on a card. I make a ton at Christmas time, to use on packages (I never buy pre-made ones!) I like making them as little pieces of miniature art. They are fun to make for no reason! I feel good using up the last of pieces of sticker and other embellishment packages. Hope you are having a great day and have fun stuff planned for the weekend! Tracy To:
Congrats on your milestone. Thanks for all the inspiration you have shared over those 3 years, and here's hoping for many more!
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That looks like a very fun die to have...thanks for the chance to win. I LOVE your blog and all your inspiration you share. Big big hug to you!
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Sheesh,I am going to beget crackingon mine tomorrow! I had a great trip - Tanyas girls are so nice.It did, however, make me kind of sad, as I REALLY miss the daysof doing such things with MY girls. We went to the museum,Old Town, the trollyride, the Dam, the quilt store, and 2 scrapbook stores.I took a picture of the Tim Holtz section in the first on we went to, then discovered I didnt have your phonenumber programmed in myphone. The section was tiny, but I got apackage of swivelclasps,philosophy tags, and word tags. Would you liketo shareany of the? The rest of thetiny store was all western and Wyoming and Montana and rodeo and cowboy stuff. The second store was gross...the stuff was ANCIENT, and I do mean at least 10 years old. I dontknow where they dredged up all that old stuff, but I didntbuy anything there! Hope you had a nice couple of days....I am going to Kelles today,I think, to help her set up her craft room inher new house.Ihope to make a bunch of cards (at least5!) tomorrow! Later, Tracy To:
Welcome to the world of home ownership! Glad you like the picnic kit...thought it might be handy to have some disposable stuff on hand for those nights of working in the house. I cant wait to come over some day and playcardmaking with you inyour beautiful room! Hope youhave a good weekand things go well inyour house! Tracy To:
I sure was there, taking photos and holding that cute little baby in the stroller! To:
The mini mini looks like fun...can't wait to follow along on that one! I just posted my finished doily project. I love it so much...thank you!!
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Awesome idea...I will make a few other3-D pieces to are a good market-er!! Thanks for the inut! Whats up today? I am off today...heading to the craft room. Tracy To:
I didnt know you were Dutch!!Henkand Jenette were also here 10 years ago. My parents have gone over there as well once.There have been 2 other batches of visitors - Ton and Bep (love those names!) andCobi(the sweetest and spryest 70+ year old lady youve ever met). What part of Holland are your relatives from? Arent those gardensgorgeous. We are talking about goingback later in the summer to see whatchanges there are and what else is blooming. Anamazing, beautiful, peaceful place. Tracy To:
Ifyou have Sawyer there, I want to come and just watch! Wait, that sounds sort of sick. know what I mean, dont you? Tracy To:
It was a great day....time with hubby in the AM (he is a great garage sale driver!). Then to Sanctuary Spa for a mini-pedicure (my ultimate guilty pleasure), shoppingat the new store next door to Sanctuary and hanging around for the $500 gift certificate drawing (didnt win), home to scrap while Kaitlyn and Erin made our dinner and dessert, and more scrapping. Does a day get anybetter? I think not! How was your day? I am heading back downstairs after I get a few house cleaning items tended to, for another nice day of scrapping. Tracy To:
I am so excited about this project!!! I have all 5 done, and can't wait to make this one tomorrow. You are so inspiring with the the tansparency on top of the birdcage. Love it! Love the ruffles, too. I don't have a birdcage, but I just thought of a dress form stamp I have - I think I will use that. I posted about this project on my blog, and plan to show mine as I go along. Thanks again!
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Totally loving all these. I am caught least to #3. I can understand that you would have to do this every other day....creating the doily, taking photos, writing the detailed and gorgeous post....very time consuming indeed. Love you for it, though!
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This is breathtakingly beautiful. I want to try to copy it! Thanks for sharing!
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I for one like seeing people's family, especially the children. You have a beautiful family - happy birthday to Colin!
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I like this much action on a card. LOL. Its true.Sometimes I justcant stop putting stuff on!!!I run amok. Then I look at it and wonder if its too busy. Probablyis, but I like em like that sometimes. Thanks for looking and commenting. To:
Yes it is the same theme! How was the rest of your weekend? I hustled right over to Costco on Sunday and got the little lettuces, thehummas, some awesome rosemary cracker bread things, and lots of good meat. They were OUT of raspberries, though. I almost cried! I had so much fun Saturday. Thanksfor inviting me. Ihope we canget together again next month. Tracy To:
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Mar 15, 2010
You are so darn stinkin' cute! Congrats on all you've achieved, and I can't wait to get my hands on that book!
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I did make thatquilt...its flannel on both sides and very snuggly! And I do store my markers on the side..they were just standing up for easy access for use. Im off to work. Didnt really accomplish much in the craft world thisweekend, but had a very nice one. The oneblog personadded my Etsy and CTMH sidebar items. Cost $10. Totally worth it. Inow want buy this card link like this site Whats up for you today? Tracy To: